Starfield Locate The Seller Walkthrough

There is someone trying to sell an Artifact in the Astral Lounge; locate the seller in Starfield and get his artifact.

While on your journey to collect Artifacts for Constellation, you will find it will not always be underground waiting to be mined.

In an effort to find the missing pieces, a seller will be willing to sell you the Artifact for a price of his demand.

With nothing to go off on, your job will be to team up with Walter Stroud to locate the seller in Starfield and bring back the Artifact to Constellation Headquarters.

It is a relatively short mission but you can spend hours searching if you don’t know what you are looking for.

How to unlock the “Locate the Seller” mission

After talking to Walter Stroud in All that Money Can Buy main quest line of Starfield, you will be given the objective to Locate the Seller among the sea of people at Astral Lounge.

It is the 13th objective in questline so you will have to play through the quest a bit to be able to access Locate the Seller mission.


How to complete “Locate the Seller” in Starfield

After hearing about The Artifact being up for sale, you will be tasked to Locate the Seller and sniff him out for a deal in Starfield.

Find Walter Stroud

First, you will have to take up the assignment from Walter Stroud and listen to what he has to say about the seller.

Head back to Neon City at Alpha Volii in Volii Star Systems. Take a right from the Spaceport terminal and head to the building in the very back where you will find stairs leading to Astral Lounge nightclub.

You may remember Astral Lounge if you did Faction missions for Ryujin Industries particularly from One Step Ahead and Sowing Discord ones.

Walter will be waiting for you inside, just at the main entrance and will share information regarding the seller. He will point out that the seller carries a larger-than-normal security briefcase to fit The Artifact.

While there is no visual clue about the seller’s appearance, there is some pre-established communication so you will have to use the code phrase “Ramsey and Travers” to identify yourself to them.

In the end, you and Walter will split up to search for the person in Astral Lounge that fits the description provided.

Identify the seller in the lounge

To find the Artifact Seller, head to the back right of the dancers in the main lobby and you’ll see a man named Musgrove standing under the big Astral Lounge sign.

He’ll be wearing black formal clothes, have spiked hair, be fairly young, and most importantly there will be a huge white briefcase by his side.

How to find the seller in Starfield.

Tell him you are with Ramsey and Travers and he will mention meeting after a few minutes in the VIP lounges.

Report back to Walter about your findings to complete the short mission Locate the Seller in Starfield.

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