How To Cure Frostbite In Starfield

Did you just get the Frostbite affliction in Starfield? Here's how to cure them to remove your character's handicap.

Frostbite in Starfield is one of several status afflictions that give you negative effects. If you do not immediately find a cure, you are likely to stack up more afflictions for a range of negative effects.

While some afflictions can heal on their own, they take their due time. Hence, you need to know just how to treat Frostbite in case you are about to enter a tough battle.

Here is a tip though. When going through aid items, spot the items with the orange raindrops icon. All aid items with this icon are able to cure your Frostbite in Starfield.

Frostbite cure in Starfield

Similar to the other afflictions, there are a few ways to heal yourself in Starfield to cure any Frostbites. We highly recommend that you always pack your inventory to treat any affliction on the go.

Find a Doctor to cure Frostbite in Starfield

You can fix your Frostbites in Starfield by finding a medical facility with a doctor. They are located in every major city settlement. Just keep an eye out for the Reliant Medical building.

You can also access the medical bay on a ship for the same purpose. The Crimson Fleet ship, for example, has one near the weapons/gear vendors.


The easiest doctor to find is probably Dr. Alexei Lebedev in New Atlantis. He runs his own clinic by the name of Reliant Medical which is located west of The Lodge.

Speak with him and choose the dialogue: “I need help, doc” to immediately cure and heal your Frostbite and any other affliction you might have.

You can also choose the dialogue: “I could use some medical supplies” to open his shop menu. You can then purchase crucial medical supplies that can heal you on the go when there is no doctor nearby.

Heal Paste (aid item)

Heal Paste helps you recover health. It is also able to cure your Frostbite afflictions in Starfield.

That being said, do note that the status effect does not go away immediately. It takes a few minutes for the Heal Paste to kick in. This is the same for all afflictions.

You can buy Heal Paste from Dr. Alexei Lebedev as well as from any vendor that sells medical supplies. There is also a chance to find Heal Paste during missions or through looting.

You can, furthermore, craft Heal Paste by combining Analgesic x1 and Membrane x1 at the Pharmaceutical Lab.

Heal Gel (aid item)

Heal Gel works similarly to Heal Paste. The only difference is that it not only treats your Frostbite but also gives you a damage resistance buff for a few minutes.

You can buy it from any medical vendor or craft it using the Pharmaceutical Lab.

Panacea (aid item)

When it comes to aid items, Panacea is easily the best medicine you can have in your inventory at all times. It removes all types of afflictions and negative status effects, including Frostbite in Starfield.

Decontamination (skill)

If you are tired of dealing with negative afflictions, consider unlocking the Decontamination skill in Starfield. It can be found in the Physical tree and gives you a high chance of removing the affliction automatically. It, however, will not remove all of your afflictions at once.

How do you get Frostbite affliction in Starfield?

Frostbite protection in Starfield is downright broken. Even with proper protection, you are bound to get Frostbite on planets with temperatures as low as -15c. The only way to avoid and resist frostbite in Starfield is to stay indoors, stand near a fire or apply the remedies mentioned above once you are afflicted. Investing in gear items with higher Cold resistance is also a good option to increase your Frostbite resistance in Starfield.

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