How To Cure Afflictions And Status Effects In Starfield

Want to get rid of the afflictions and status effects in Starfield but don't know how?

During combat and space exploration, you can get different afflictions that apply status effects on your character in Starfield. The fights are not always one-sided. Both parties take damage, and you will find yourself taking damage that chunks out of your health pool.

The chunks may hinder you, leaving you with low health. We will examine these and how to remove Afflictions and Status Effects.

How to fix Afflictions and status effects in Starfield

As we discussed previously, during your journey to combat or explore exciting planets, you will encounter different things or habitats that will affect your health. Nearing the proximity of a habitat or object with massive heat signatures can affect your character.

It will prompt over your HUD in the bottom left of the screen, and the health bar has an orange-colored bar originating from the rightmost spectrum of the bar that gets amplified as you take more afflictions. This causes a severe overhaul for your characters.

However, these afflictions and status effects can be treated as well in Starfield. Each type of affliction and status will have the appropriate fix we will guide you through shortly.

If you are stressed about how to fix afflictions and status effects, don’t be. The afflictions and their status effects may appear complex, but it’s easier to understand. Any status effect with an excellent Prognosis will indicate that you don’t have to worry about it, as it will heal over time.


But if a particular status effect shows a poor prognosis, it might require treatment by consuming certain items or by visiting the doctor.

Doctors can heal afflictions

Some gunshot wounds or damage that compromises your skeletal structure or vital organs can be restored by visiting a doctor. Doctors can heal afflictions in Starfield. This can range from gunshot wounds from enemies, some alien biting you, making melee attacks on you that cause laceration and internal bleeding, and so on.

These injuries can be fixed by the Doctors provided you are willing to pay a certain amount the doctor requires. Doctors can also fix the injuries with poor prognoses and have no alternative medicine or aid items.

Medicine and aid items that cure status effects in Starfield

Since the afflictions are symbolically colored, it is easier to take out the aid items from your inventory to deal with the relevant status effects in Starfield. For example, a Heal Paste can neutralize the status effect that causes Burns and frostbite.

Matching the symbol in your health bar with the one in the inventory would be best. As you consume it, it will remove the icon in the health bar that showcased that particular status effect. The following are some relevant medicine and aid items that cure status effects in Starfield:

  • Orange Flame: Heal Paste, Heal Gel.
  • Blue broken bone: Anchored Immobilizers, Immobilizer
  • Purple: Antibiotic Cocktail
  • Yellow Dispersal: Injector, Snake oil
  • Red bandages: Bandages and their different derivatives.

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