How To Get Cold Resistance In Starfield

Getting Cold Resistance equipment and skills in Starfield will smooth your journey and protect your character from adverse effects like Frostbite.

While exploring the space, frigid temperatures are one of the main concerns in Starfield. Thermal damage is one of the four Environmental Hazards that you need to acquire resistance against to explore freely. The Thermal Stat tells you about your Starfield resistance to cold at any moment, and if it is inadequate, you can lose health.

Cold Environmental Damage can also lead to Frostbite, so resistance against it is necessary while exploring the planets, caves, and moons. You can acquire Resistance in Starfield in two ways, so let us look into those.

How to get Cold Resistance from Equipment

The first way to develop resistance against Cold Environmental Damage is to look for equipment with a good Thermal Stat. Each clothing item will have an Environmental Damage Resistance stat menu next to it, letting you know how much resistance it provides.

The Thermal Stat is located on the left side, enabling you to know about the cold resistance of your helmet, suit, or clothing item. The more items you equip with a thermal resistance stat, the better your cold resistance in Starfield.

Some of the Spacesuits that can provide you with high Thermal stat in Starfield for protection against Cold and Radiation Resistance are Starborn Spacesuit Astra and Starborn Spacesuit Avitus.

How to get Cold Resistance from Skills

You can also get cold resistance by ranking a skill known as the Environmental Conditioning skill with four ranks. If you upgrade this skill to the second rank, you can obtain Thermal resistance, i.e., resistance against the cold for a stat of 10.


If you fail to obtain cold resistance or run out of it, you can get Frostbite in Starfield, but there is no need to worry. All you need is an item known as Heal Paste that will treat the Frostbite and burns if you have any.

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