How Do Crafting Workbenches Work In Starfield?

Crafting workbenches in Starfield are wonderful workstations that let you create your own items in the game. You will need to know how to use them.

Starfield allows you to make your own items and building materials with the help of crafting workbenches. Opting to buy things always can be expensive and sometimes vendors will not have the item you need. With crafting workbenches, you can make the required item yourself and use it.

Only certain types of items are available for crafting in Starfield. Each one will need its respective workbench. You can add crafting workbenches to your ship in Starfield and even on outposts. That way, you can make all the items you need. Of course, you must ensure that you have the required raw materials first. 

Using Crafting Workbenches in Starfield

Crafting Workbenches are a separate category of the workbench category. They are special benches where you have the additional option of crafting a new item. Crafting benches are mainly of 4 Types in Starfield: 

  • Cooking Station 
  • Pharmaceutical Lab 
  • Spacesuit Workbench 
  • Weapon Workbench 

Cooking Station

You can create meals that will be able to restore your HP and help you speed up getting back to the battlefield. You will see several recipes to cook that you can make and eat.

Pharmaceutical Lab

The pharmaceutical lab in Starfield consists of workbenches that let you upgrade your stats and skills. You can combine certain ingredients together to make Performance Enhancement and Medical Treatment consumables among others. 

Spacesuit Workbenches

The spacesuit workbenches allow you to work on your spacesuit, repair it, and modify it for your next voyage among the stars. You can craft new mods and slot them in your suit. This will allow you to have the best spacesuit in Starfield to survive the harshness of the space climate. 


Weapon Workbench

The Weapon workbenches in Starfield are the best in the game. They allow you to increase the lethality of your weapon by modding it to your heart’s extent. You can create new mods for your weapons in Starfield and improve the existing ones.

Crafting is a simple mechanism of the game. If you have the recipe unlocked, you will require the ingredients next. Combine them all, and you will have your desired item. Access the workbench of your choice and a menu will open up. This will tell you what items you can craft and which you cannot.

You will also know what items are needed to craft which item in Starfield. You can also get more crafting recipes in Starfield.

How to get more Crafting Recipes?

Unlocking crafting recipes is a whole other procedure in Starfield. You will need to conduct research to unlock a recipe. This research will be determined by your research skills. Every workbench requires its own research skills. 

What we recommend doing is to first invest points in Research Methods. This will make it cheaper to upgrade your skills. Then, if you solely want to focus on the crafting benches, distribute points evenly in the Chemistry, Gastronomy, Spacesuit Design, and Weapon Engineering skills.  

As the level of your skills goes up, more and more research opportunities will arise. Conducting research is also fairly easy. All you will need to do is provide the sufficient amount of materials required for the research.

Providing just one or two necessary ingredients will be enough to get the required item. The game will give you an Overflow prompt when you are putting more ingredients than necessary into crafting a recipe in Starfield.  

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