How To Build The Best Fighter Ship In Starfield

Build the best Fighter Ship to get rid of enemies in space battles.

In Starfield, you will need a solid fighter Ship that can deal with multiple enemies. To build a ship like that, all you will need is a lot of credits. Once you have built that best fighter spaceship, you can dominate your battles and destroy enemy ships with relative ease.

If you want to learn how to create the best fighter ship, then I have provided all the information pertaining to that build.

Combat Parts for your best fighter ship build

For your best fighter ship in Starfield, you will require the best combat parts. You can get these parts by visiting Ship vendors at different Systems. After visiting the NPC ship vendor, go through their inventory to select the following.

Combat PartsCreditsFunctionality
PB0-300 Auto Alpha Turret  16758You can target enemy ships automatically and inflict massive damage to their shields and hulls.
MK-9 Gauss Gun18126Deliver max damage onto enemy ships whose shields are down
Vanguard Starseeker Pulse Laser32661These lasers are highly effective in taking down enemy ship shields
Atlatl 270c Missile Launcher20862Best option in terms of Missile launchers. These can deliver deadly amounts of damage onto ship Hull and shields once you have locked onto an enemy vessel.
Assurance SG-1900 Shield Generator45030You will get the best defense in terms of a high-end shield generator. Moreover, it also has a decent regeneration rate and will keep you up and running during your fights.
ComSpikeYou will get it for free after joining Crimson Fleet and undergoing their questline. It will help you lock onto enemy ships faster and save your ammo when targeting enemy spacecraft.

The parts mentioned above will cost you a lot compared to the normal options. But if you are planning to create a fighter ship, then you will have to consider investing in these.

Moreover, you will also have to invest your skill points in Starship Design to unlock at least Rank 4 in Starfield. This way, you will be able to purchase high-end C-class combat parts with relative ease.

Choosing the right starting Ship

If you are not keen on building your Spaceship from scratch, then you can choose the best C Class Ship. You will have two options when it comes to choosing the best ships from this particular class. These will include the Abyss Trekker and Renegade.

Out of both these options, the Abyss Trekker is the most suitable choice as a starting ship if you are aiming to build the best fighter ship in Starfield. The reason is that it offers the best firepower compared to the latter option.

In terms of price point, the Abyss Trekker will cost you around 345,000 to 350,000 Credits. If you have the required credits, you can visit the ship technician located at Paradiso on Porrima III.

As for the stats of the Abyss Trekker, it comes with the following attributes:

Abyss TrekkerStats
Jump28 Light Years

The main reason for choosing this ship for your fighter ship is the fact that it has the best firepower. It offers a strong hull (over 1000) compared to the other ships and has the highest shield strength in Starfield.

You can also exchange its parts with better C-class options, such as the Supernova 2000 Engine. By making this change, you can increase the mobility of your fighter ship significantly to 71. The only downside about the Abyss Trekker is that it has less cargo capacity (340).

However, this does not diminish the fact that this beautiful ship has the best combat ability.

Designing the best fighter ship in Starfield

After purchasing all the required parts, you can start designing the best fighter ship. You can find a Ship Technician and equip the combat parts mentioned above.

Start by adding the PB0-300 Auto Alpha Turret to your Abyss Trekker. It will allow you to dampen the shields of the enemy spaceships. You can also add the Atlatl 270c Missile Launcher on the opposite side of your ship.

It will help you deal damage, especially to the hull of the enemy ship. These weapons can work correspondingly to inflict massive damage over a short period and quickly demolish targeted ships during your fights.

Moreover, you should also invest credits in purchasing multiple Horizontal Weapon Mounts to add more firepower. This way, you will be able to add in weapons such as MK-9 Gauss Gun and Vanguard Starseeker Pulse Laser. These will further capitalize on that damage output, making your fighter ship more formidable during your battles.

Lastly, you can add the defense option in terms of the Assurance SG-1900 Shield Generator to your Abyss Trekker in Starfield. It will cost you a lot compared to the other options, but you should consider it for the best fighter ship.

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