Where To Buy Renegade III In Starfield?

To get the Renegade III spaceship, you need to do a lot of grinding unless you are lucky.

In Starfield, Renegade III is a rare spaceship that is hard to find. It is not available for everyone; thus, trying different methods to find it is a common task among players. Unfortunately, each idea will only work if luck is on your side. Nevertheless, here are the ways you can use to get Renegade III.

How to buy the Renegade III in Starfield

Before starting the hunt for the Renegade III, ensure you are on a higher level that needs to be closer or over 80. Next, you must have a Piloting Skill of 4 and 580k+ in credits. The ships have no specific cost as it may differ for every player. Let’s continue with different ways to purchase this ship.

Save and Load to refresh Ship Vendor Inventory

This method of saving and loading for the inventory to rotate and change is the most effective in Starfield. For this method, you must choose a planet you haven’t been on before. Also, make sure there is a ship vendor on this planet.

This is because once you visit a planet, its inventory won’t change for 24 hours, so you need to avoid this from happening. Next, go to the said planet’s orbit and save the game. Now land in the city and talk to the vendor for ships.

Check if there is a Renegade III or not in Starfield. If not, load from where you were in orbit and talk to the vendor again. Do this several times, and you may find the ship after a few tries. If you feel there is no chance to find it on a particular planet, choose another one and try it there.

Rest/Sleep to forward time and shift inventory

If you don’t find something in the inventory, you can rest to forward time and then check the inventory. You can try the same for this ship in Starfield, too. Go to Neon of Paradiso, as both cities are known to have Renegade III in possession. Talk to vendors; if they don’t have the ship, rest or sleep to speed up time.

If it doesn’t work, travel to Venus in the Sol System, go to your bunker, and sleep. This will move the time forward much faster due to your traveling. If both methods don’t work, try this last one.

Build a Landing Pad

Before starting this method of getting the Renegade III in Starfield, you must have Piloting Skill 4 and credits over 580k. Next, go to any planet and set up the outpost beacon. Once done, build a Space Landing Pad with Shipbuilder. This will require the following resources:

  • Iron x30
  • Beryllium x2
  • Zero Wire x2
  • Adaptive Frame x12

Now go on top of it and open the Shipbuilder Console Control present by the stairs. Click Buy Ships and look for Renegade III. If you don’t see it in the list, remove the Landing Pad. Then, build it again and repeat the step of checking ships available for buying in Starfield.

Do this several times, and if luck is on your side, you’ll find the Renegade III. If you don’t want to do the hard work, open the command console and enter the following command:

player.placeatme 0038D664

This is the easiest way of getting the Renegade III by entering the ID. As the ship size is large, you may also have to use the tcl command to turn off clipping.

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