Starfield Paradiso Shipyard Location Guide

The Shipyard at the Paradiso is hard to miss since you will visit it during one of the main missions in Starfield.

Paradiso Shipyard in Starfield is a Ship Services area located in the Paradiso resort, which offers adequate repairs, upgrades, and customization for your ship. Even though the inventory at this shipyard is somewhat limited, it still provides six unique ships you can buy.

You can buy a new ship, sell or repair your existing one, add functional upgrades, and change the cosmetic look of your ship at this shipyard in Starfield. Before I get into the ships Paradiso Shipyard offers, let us look into how to reach it.

Paradiso Shipyard location in Starfield

Found in the Porrima System, the Paradiso Landing Pad Shipyard is located on the Paradiso resort of the Porrima II planet. You visit this resort during the ‘First Contact’ mission, making the Paradiso Shipyard a hard-to-miss stop for you.

To get to the Paradiso Landing Pad Shipyard in Starfield, locate the Porrima System first. Now look for the Porrima II planet orbiting the sun in the Porrima System. You will see the Starfield Paradiso resort on the Porrima II planet.

Travel to the Paradiso and look around as you exit your ship. You will find a Ship Services Technician waiting around the landing pad. This is the Starfield Shipyard, and you can go to the Ship Technician to avail of the ship services offered here. 

All ships you can buy from Paradiso Shipyard

Once you get to the Paradiso Shipyard, you can get your ship repairs done here. You can also choose to look at your existing ships and upgrade them. If you wish to look at the inventory, the Paradiso Shipyard in Starfield will offer you some new ships. I found the following ones during my visit:

  • Sunsail II – 186843 Credits
  • Carry ALL II  – 213780 Credits
  • Rambler II – 82955 Credits
  • Renegade – 270062 Credits
  • Abyss Trekker – 304446 Credits
  • Crimson Fleet Haunt – 60254 Credits

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