Starfield Best Crew Members Ranked

Your crew members will be with you as you journey across the starts in Starfield. Some of them are good, some are okay, and you need to know who's who.

Starfield is a massive game that can get lonely if you explore the stars alone. The game has given you the option to recruit and hire crew members. Without crew members in Starfield, it will be impossible to perform complex tasks such as Ship Handling and Outpost Management.

You are initially provided with only the choice of 3 crew members, but you can unlock a maximum of 8 Crew Members. You must rank up Ship Command Level in Starfield to recruit more crew members. You can recruit or hire crew members in various ways, including competing quests and visiting Spaceports Bars.

6. Omari Hassan

If you are struggling to keep up with space battles but cannot seem to maneuver around quite right, we suggest you look into recruiting Hassan. He brings a lot to the table in the form of Starship Engineering. This skill allows him to repair ships much faster, and he also provides increased Shields.

Hassan is available for grabs at the Akila City in Starfield at the Hitching Post, on the planet Akila. The Persuasion skill will recruit him for 8250 Credits, but if not, you will end up paying 16500 Credits.

5. Rafael Aguarro

Rafael is a vital crew member and is considered a must-have by many. He is excellent at establishing outposts over the system at warp speeds. He has excellent Outpost Engineering and Management skills. On top of all that, he can also provide you with his Starship Engineering Trait, which can lower all incoming damages to a whopping 25%.

Rafael will be available after the Entangled quest in Starfield, which is a main Constellation mission. You will need to select the ending to save Rafael, but everyone else will die in the process. After it is all said and done, visit the Viewport Bar in New Atlantis, where Rafael will be. He will show his gratitude by offering to join your crew free of cost.


4. Supervisor Lin

Supervisor Lin is part of the welcoming committee. She will be the first NPC you will talk to when you enter the game for the first time. She will also take you down into the mines for the first time. You can recruit her later in the game when you reach the Back to Vectera main quest in Starfield.

She will discuss this with you and offer to become your crew member. To recruit her, agree to her conditions, and she will join you for no fee. Lin Specializes in Outpost Management. She can be a vital asset to any of your outposts. She also carries the Demolitions expert skill, increasing the radius of all your explosive items.

3. Heller

Heller is the very best if your goal is to farm, farm, and only farm. Heller specializes in Geology skills which will determine the best spot for mining anywhere. He is not as helpful on the ships, however, and is best for the outposts.

Recruiting Heller also requires you to complete the Back to Vectora main quest. At the end of the quest, you will need to save Heller, and he will offer his services as a crew mate for free after the quest.

2. Sam Coe

Recruiting Sam Coe is one of the best crew members in Starfield. He will also require no funds at all. All you must do is travel to Akila with him during the Empty Nest quest in Starfield. After that, he will offer to join your crew for no charge.

Sam Coe can be vital if you often venture out on space voyages. He brings a level 4 Piloting skill, providing more than necessary maneuverability to your spaceship. Sam also offers an additional Payload skill, enhancing the ship’s ability to carry more weight.

1. Andromeda Kepler

Andromeda Kepler is unarguably the best crew member in Starfield. You can find her anywhere in the game. She is renowned for her ship skills, as Kepler’s Aneutronic Fusion skill gives you an additional energy unit on the ship. Her Piloting Skill is also helpful in the controlling of Thrusters. Kepler also excels at the Outpost Tasks assigned to her.

She is found on Mars, at the Broken Spear at Cydonia. If you have invested points into your Persuasion, you can get her to join for as low as 7500 Credits. If not, the price set by the developers is 15000 Creds

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