How to Rank Up Ship Command Level in Starfield

If you are looking to increase your ship crew size in Starfield then look no further than the Ship Command Skill

There are a total of 16 Social Skills in Starfield, with each having its perks. These perks range from trading to negotiation. Ship Command is a Master Social Skill in Starfield. It is one factor that allows you to increase your ship crew size in Starfield. This skill enables you to assign additional crew members who are currently active to your ship. Therefore making it one of the best skills to unlock first in Starfield.

How to unlock Ship Command Skill in Starfield

Before you can unlock any skill in Starfield, you must use your skill points to an extent. Since the Ship Command Skill is a Master Tier Skill, it requires more skill points than your standard low-tier skills in Starfield. You can unlock it by spending a total of 12 Skill Points before having a chance to gain its knowledge. Therefore, if you are low in Skill Points, you must start performing methods to farm Skill Points Fast in Starfield.

How to rank up Ship Command Level?

You can rank the Ship Command Level in Starfield by completing certain ranked challenges. Each challenge you take part in has certain objectives and requirements to meet. Once you have completed these challenges and met the required outcomes, you can gain an additional crew member per rank challenge completion.

Challenge 1: Spend Skill Points

The first challenge you will receive is to spend 12 Skill Points in the Socla Skill Tree. This challenge is pretty easy to complete as it is completed after unlocking the Ship Command Skill in Starfield. After you have completed this challenge, you will be able to have four crew members on board.

Challenge 2: Destroy 5 ships

For the second challenge, you must destroy at least five ships with two active crew members on board. Once you destroy these ships, you will have space to put five crew members on board.

Challenge 3: Destroy 25 ships

If you managed to destroy five ships with a crew size of two, you must destroy 20 more to complete this challenge in Starfield. After successfully destroying 25 ships with four active crew members, you can add six active crew members to your ship.


Challenge 4: Destroy 50 ships

This is the father of all Ship Command challenges. During this challenge, you must destroy 50 ships with a crew size of six. This will enable you to place eight crew members on your ship, which is more than enough for a standard-sized ship in Starfield.

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