How Companion Skills Work In Starfield 

Each companion brings something new to the table with their skills in Starfield. They provide various benefits and advantages when you assign them to their position in the game.

Companions have been a staple of Bethesda RPGs for a while now, and Starfield is no different. This time around, however, their functionality has been expanded. In prior titles, companions aid you in combat, wander the world with you, and even offer a funny quip occasionally. In Starfield, companions come with companion skills.

These skills manifest in different ways and can aid you not only in combat, but they can also improve other facets of your gameplay. This guide will review how you can utilize companion skills in Starfield. 

What are Companion Skills in Starfield? 

Every companion in Starfield is proficient in one skill or another. They may be adept at skill ships, or they may be better at combat, or they may even be good at botany or geology. When you interact with a companion, their skills are displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. That will give you a very good idea of how and where your companions should be stationed.  

A companion with ship skills can work to increase your ship’s mileage, while one good at combat can follow you around to give you a better shot at defeating enemies more quickly. Furthermore, if your companion is adept at geology, you can have them follow you, and they will collect valuable pieces of materials for you.

How to use Companions Skills?

When you assign a companion to a specific station, their skills come into use automatically in Starfield. It is important to note that these skills are passive and do not benefit you directly. To assign a companion to a certain position, initiate a conversation with them. You will have an option to assign them here. Additionally, you can also use the crew menu to do this.  

To have a proper working ship, make sure you assign your companions in a way that plays to the strengths of their skills. Having them assigned to the area they are good at allows you to have a much better experience. You will reap the maximum benefits of your crew, making you a more effective player overall.  


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