Starfield Centaurian Arsenal Shop Location

While progressing through Starfield, relying on looted weapons is not enough, and you need to visit stores like Centaurian Arsenal to upgrade your weapons of destruction.

Many shops and vendors are located throughout space on different planets, selling all kinds of stuff. One such store in Starfield is the Centaurian Arsenal Store, situated on the Jemison planet of the Alpha Centauri System. As the name suggests, the Centaurian Arsenal in Starfield is a weapon store where you can buy and sell all sorts of ammunition and weapons.

The actual name of the store is Centaurian Arsenal but due to its similarity with Centurion, you won’t be wrong if you land here looking for Centurion Arsenal shop. So allow us to help you figure out where is Centurion Arsenal in Starfield.

Where to find the Starfield Centaurian Arsenal Store

The New Atlantis city, capital of the United Colonies Vanguard faction, is beaming with 16 shops, and Centaurian Arsenal in Starfield is one of them located in its Residential District. As you progress, relying on your looted ammo and weapons is not enough. You must make your way to the Centaurian Arsenal in New Atlantis to upgrade your tools of destruction.

Once you get to the New Atlantis on the Jemison Planet, you will enter it through the spaceport where your spaceship will be parked. After exiting it, you must pass through the UC Security Checkpoint in Starfield. After going through the checkpoint, you can visit the Trade Authority Kiosk or find a nearby transit car.

If you choose a kiosk, you can use it to get the New Atlantis map, look for the Residential District, or select the location on the transit car. The Residential District is north of New Atlantis, and you must go there to find Centaurian Arms in Starfield.

After getting to the Residential District, locating the Centaurian Arsenal in Starfield is pretty easy as it is next to the Dawn’s Roost building. The Centurion Arsenal Store has its name written above it in big yellow alphabets, so it is hard to miss. For your convenience, we have also included a Centurion Arsenal map location to help you figure out where the store is located


After spotting the store, you can head inside to find Anya Griffon, the vendor at the store. You can ask her to show her stock to you or sell her any weapons you want. 

What can you find at the Centurion Arsenal

The Centurion Arms store in Starfield is filled with ammo and weapons with a credit of 12500. The store’s inventory also reloads after 48 in-game hours (credits every 24 hours), so you can get many weapon options from here. In addition to that, you can also buy suits, helmets, and shields from here. Items that I found at the Centaurian Arsenal store in Starfield include:

  • Drum Beat
  • Bridger
  • Stealth Suit
  • Hard Target sniper
  • Plasma Rifle
  • Power Armor
  • Laser Pistol
  • Grenades

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