How To Reset Vendor Credits In Starfield

In Starfield, you can reset Vendor credits and inventories to get a variety of benefits.

Vendors in Starfield will reset their Credits at regular intervals, which can be tracked to your advantage. They will also reset their inventory regularly, enabling you to buy various items.

Vendor reset can be used when you need a bunch of building supplies and end up depleting their inventory. The Vendor Credit reset in Starfield can also be used to your advantage when you want to get rid of many items.

For the exchange, the vendor needs to have a lot of Credits to sustain it. That’s when Credit reset comes in advantage. You can wait for the reset, and their credits will go back to when you haven’t made the exchange.

What is the Vendor Reset interval in Starfield?

In Starfield, you will travel to different planets as part of the storyline. Traveling to different planets will have its time zone. To track the Vendor resets, you need to keep in reference the time zone of the planet in which the vendor is located.

Regardless of which planet the vendor is located in Starfield, the inventory will reset exactly after “48 hours“. On the other hand, they also reset their credits, which will be after “24 hours“.

As each planet has its geographical position in the galaxy of Starfield, the passing of time is different for every planet. The time passing difference can be as much as ten times. Theoretically, you will wait ten days for the same 24 hours on a different planet.


The same can be said for the planets where the time passes faster than usual. If the time passes ten times more quickly, you will only have to wait for “two and half hours” for 24 hours on the other planet.

That said, you must research before traveling to any planet where you want to reset vendors’ Credits in Starfield. Stay on the same planet where the vendor is to avoid complicating things. And wait 24 hours for that planet.

How to speed up vendor credits reset in Starfield

In Starfield, you can reset the Vendor Credits by using the simple “Outpost Trick.” For that, you need to find the planet where the time zone is slower than usual. One such example is Titan.

Upon finding the planet, you must use the Tungsten to build an outpost. After that, you can travel to the outpost for a few hours. You then need to return to the planet where you were waiting for the Vendor to reset their inventories. As soon as you land, you will find that every Vendor has already reset themselves.

Another way that you can use to speed up the Vendor reset process is by resetting all vendors in Starfield at the same time. Rather than waiting 24 hours for each vendor, you must wait once for all the vendors.

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