How To Craft And Sell Aurora In Starfield

This is not your average entertainment drug.

Aurora is a drug that you can consume to slow down time in Starfield. While not really your Matrix-like slow-motion sequences, the effect does come in handy during combat.

You will be able to purchase this specific item and even learn to create it while visiting and completing certain quests at the Neon City.

You will also need to do some fishing to acquire an essential item to craft the Aurora. Apart from that make sure to spend your credits wisely on buying those components for your ship that will keep you from getting detected while smuggling this item.


You can gain a debuff called Stimulant Addiction by overusing Aurora too much. The only way to remove the status effect is by either going to a doctor or finding some Squall.

How to purchase Aurora in Starfield

Once your travels take you to Neon City, which is situated on the planet Volii Alpha at Volii System, you will need to explore the city. This way you will come across the Astral Lounge which is found on the west side in the main city strip in Starfield.

After entering the Astro Lounge, you will need to head directly to the bar place that is present on the far side of this club. There you will need to speak with the bartender and he will know that you are there to purchase Aurora among other items. You can even check in the third dialogue option which says, “I’m definitely here to try the Aurora”.

Moreover, before you end up buying anything from this barkeep you can also get more information about Aurora from him. Then you can check his inventory and see the items listed there for sale. Among those items, you will find the Aurora listed for 646 Credits in Starfield. That being said, the Astro Lounge is the only place in the game where you can somewhat legally purchase the Aurora.

However, you should also be aware of the fact that it is illegal to take Aurora out of the City. After you purchase the Aurora you can go ahead and throw down a quick save and also try it out in your combat scenarios. As it turns out Aurora can be resourceful for you in sticky combat situations as it will slow down time and allow you to react faster to the surrounding environment.


If you want to save time, use a console command item ID to spawn Aurora in your inventory.

How to craft Aurora in Starfield

To craft Aurora, you will need to find a particular NPC character at Neon City. As it happens, when you enter the city for the first time you will notice the Neon Security guards capturing a bald man named Neshar. You can hang around and listen to how this specific situation plays out between Neshar and the guards and this will trigger the quest Loose Ends in Starfield.

The objectives of this quest will involve you going to jail to speak with Neshar and it will lead to further quests including Fishy Business and Supply Line. You will eventually head to the xenofresh lab where you will learn how to make Aurora and you will also get paid for making Aurora as well in Starfield. However, this payment will be based on your time and the efficiency of this specific product.

The items needed for crafting Unprocessed Aurora will include:

  • Stimulant (x1)
  • Chasmbass Oil (x1)
  • Hallucinogen (x2)
  • Benzene (x1)

In the Directory, you can check the Unprocessed Aurora and also see its enhancer type. If you already have the other ingredients needed for crafting Aurora then don’t take any of the other resources. This way when the cannister arrives on the conveyor belt, this will ensure that you get paid top dollar for your hard work while making the Unprocessed Aurora.

Furthermore, following the events of the quest Supply Line, this particular quest has you coming and going at different time intervals at the Aurora Lab for your shifts. During that time you can also check out the other side quests that can be found in that area like the Ryujin Industries questline or the random quests from different store owners in Starfield.

Apart from that, you will get a notification when another shift is available at the Aurora Lab. Once you complete your third shift in this Supply Line quest, you will eventually get your hands on the Aurora Recipe which will be added to your research projects. This means that you will no longer need to take shifts at the Lab to make unprocessed Aurora.

Aurora recipe ingredients locations

The most important ingredient needed for creating Aurora will be the Chasmbass Oil. Finding this oil is not an easy task as the first place you will encounter it will be in the city of Neon at the lab. However, you won’t be able to take it from that place so you can maybe look in a little lower area. For that, you will need to do some fishing in Starfield.

You will have to make your way to the pier right by the Xenofresh lab entrance that you just left a short while ago. There you can look down into the water and spot the Chasmbass fish. You can easily snipe them from the pier and then jump down into the water to salvage the Chasmbass Oil from these dead fishes.

Similarly, if you are having a hard time sniping the Chasmbass then you can simply jump down into the water get near the fish, and then boost up to take a clear shot.

The rest of the ingredients for making Aurora can be acquired easily from different areas. Now that you have the Chasmbass oil in your possession you can craft your own Aurora anywhere you find a Pharmaceutical Lab Station.

How to smuggle Aurora in Starfield

Once you have learned how to purchase and craft Aurora in Starfield the next hurdle you will be facing will be in smuggling it out of the city. This will be the case if you purchase the Aurora and try to make your way out of the city and this way you will receive a notification stating that you have been caught leaving with Aurora.

Similarly, if you try to leave the city through the Neon Security checkpoint, they will always catch you smuggling Aurora. If you want to bypass the guard post then you can go back into the city and make your way to the Ebbside District.

Then you can follow the stairs a few levels until you get to the top of the city ceiling. From there you need to head directly to the port side of the city and then boost your way down to your Spaceship.

This way you will be able to successfully smuggle the Aurora you bought/ created in Neon City without facing any problems from the guards and also evade your bounty successfully.

There is a final step to your escapade and it will involve you navigating other Systems while avoiding being scanned for illegal item (Aurora) smuggling. If you want to avoid contraband scanners whenever you arrive at Freestar or UC space then you will need to add an important component to your Spaceship Starfield.

How to avoid detection

This component will happen to be the 100CM Ballast Shielded Cargo Hold. It will cost you around 1275 Credits and can be purchased from The Key or the Red Mile on Porrima III in Starfield. After purchasing this component you can install it onto your ship.

It is a well-worth investment to have the shielded cargo on your Spaceship as it will give you a percent chance to avoid detection every time you are scanned. This means that you will be able to hide the Aurora you are smuggling and also be safe from scanning at different systems.

How to sell Aurora

If you are not interested in using Aurora in combat and don’t want to hold onto it then you can also sell it in Starfield. You will be able to sell Aurora at any Trade Authority Shop which can be found in multiple Systems.

Moreover, you won’t be facing any judgment from these specific vendors (Trade Authority), which makes selling Aurora even easier. Lastly, depending on your Commerce skill this could be a great way to make a lot of credits while selling Aurora.

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