How To Get Turtle Shells In Sons Of The Forest

Turtle Shells allow you to create a water container to store water from rivers and lakes in Sons of the Forest, so as to not die of thirst.

The length of your survival in Sons of the Forest depends on the resources you collect from different places. You need several things, including defensive Walls, Flashlights, and weapons such as Revolver to fight off the mutants and monsters of the Forest.

Your worst enemy in the game is thirst and hunger. You can Hunt down enemies and cook them up using a Campfire for hunger, but it is a whole different case for satisfying your thirst.

You cannot rely on ocean water or other sources besides rivers and lakes to collect clean water. But to even collect water, you need a Turtle Shell in Sons of the Forest. These shells are only obtainable from the Sea Turtles scattered around Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest Turtle Shells locations

You can only collect Sons of the Forest Turtle Shells from sea turtles around the coastline. The map shows how their habitats are expanded in all four directions of the map. You can get to any of these places to find some sea turtles.

How to get the Turtle Shells

The process of getting the Turtle Shells is very straightforward. You just have to kill the creatures to obtain the shells. But it must be noted that each Sea Turtle kill does not guarantee you a shell drop.

So you might have to go on some killing spree of these innocent creatures to obtain the Turtle Shells in Sons of the Forest. But it is fair because survival requires you to take all these actions.

There’s a high chance of finding some Tortoise near the lakes, but do not waste your energy on killing these as this species drops no Turtle Shell. So rush to the edge of the Island and find the Turtle Shells for usage.

You can use these shells to collect water from rivers and lakes. This clean water is as much important as breathing during your survival. Open your inventory by Pressing “I” and look toward your right screen corner to find your collected Turtle Shells.

You just need to equip it, and you are now ready to collect water from around the Island. The Turtle Shell might also be an ingredient for crafting the rain collector, but it is not confirmed. We will have to wait and see what the future holds for us in Sons of the Forest.

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