How To Get Flashlight In Sons Of The Forest

The flashlight provides much-needed pointed light to explore the depths of caves and is also used as a piece of gear in Sons of the Forest.

The Sons of the Forest Flashlight is the ultimate item when it comes to exploring the dark caves and investigating different areas. The darkness is your worst enemy in the game as it breeds mutants and makes you experience the horrors of the monsters. All these monsters only want one thing, and that is your life.

The flashlight provides much-needed pointed light to explore the depths of caves and is also used as a piece of gear. You can unleash your attacks using the bow, spear, and axe while using a Flashlight in Sons of the Forest.

You can quickly upgrade your small lighter to a Flashlight by moving toward the area with a dead body hanging by a rope. You get the Flashlight speedily and need an Axe to complete your objective.

Sons of the Forest Flashlight location

Head southeast from the Helicopter crash site found on the mountain. It is the exact point where you started your game. You need to use the GPS tracker as it makes it easy to reach your destination. Use the marked location as your guide and move toward it.

Turn your back toward the Helicopter site, and move east with the stream. You need to reach the mountains and keep your GPS tracker out as it provides a beeping sound indicating important components’ presence.

Where to find the Flashlight

You will come across a body hanging by a Rope through the cliff. You need to make your way to the Cliff to cut off the rope. You can reach the top by moving around the rock and climbing it up.


Take out your Axe from your backpack (or inventory) and use it to cut the rope to free the corpse. Following that, you need to make your way down to the bottom of the cliff to loot the corpse.

You will not only get the Sons of the Forest Flashlight but also other items. Take note that you can furthermore explore the nearby area for additional items such as Rope, Energy Bars, and Alcohol Bottles to craft Molotov Cocktails.

To use your Flashlight, press “I” to bring up the inventory mat. Select the Flashlight by right-clicking and then press “L” on your keyboard to provide light inside dark caves.

However, keep in mind that the Flashlight requires batteries to run. You need to find tons of batteries to keep your Flashlight recharged.

You will use the Flashlight several times, so exploring all the areas for extra batteries is essential. You need to combine batteries with your Flashlight on the Crafting Mat. This will recharge your flashlight, and you can keep getting guidance and light from this small item.

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