How To Get Revolver In Sons Of The Forest

The Sons of the Forest Revolver is an excellent weapon when it comes to fighting the creatures in the game.

If you are finding the Shotgun a bit too cumbersome, consider getting yourself the Revolver in Sons of the Forest. Similar to other modern-day weapons in the game, the Revolver packs quite a punch as long as you aim for the head.

Finding the Sons of the Forest Revolver, however, is going to take a bit of a grind. You first need to make your way to the other side of the island and then dig your way into an abandoned bunker to loot the weapon from a corpse.

Sons of the Forest Revolver location

The Revolver is located inside an Underground Bunker in the eastern section of the island. Head toward the marked location on the map above and you will find an abandoned research site.

The entrance to the Underground Bunker is in front of the golf cart, right between the two tripod stands as shown in the image below.

How to get the Revolver

The Shovel is essential when it comes to digging things up. To our luck, the Revolver is also found underground; to reach that point, we must obtain the Shovel. You can get the shovel from the corpse in the west part of the Snowy Mountains.

The GPS tracker makes it easy to travel to the marked location and obtain the Revolver without getting lost in the vast area of Sons of the Forest. You need to stand in the middle of the ground to begin digging.

You will find a box that says Maintenance C door. It is an opening that leads you underground. Open it up and head down the stairs toward the alley. You need to move straight and turn right into the first room you come across.

You will find the Revolver right next to a corpse. Press E to obtain the pistol, and you can explore the remaining part of the bunker to acquire other items that could be resourceful in your survival in Sons of the Forest.

The benefit of the Revolver is that it’s better than Katana and Bow regarding damage output and usage. However, you must collect ammunition for the weapon by visiting different areas. There’s a high chance of coming across 9mm ammo used in the Revolver in more areas than getting the ammunition of the shotgun.

You can wield the Revolver by entering your inventory and bringing them headshots to wipe out the monsters in Sons of the Forest.

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