How To Build A Defensive Wall In Sons Of The Forest

A defensive wall is an incredibly tough object and not easy to break. You will need them to stay safe in Sons of the Forest.

There are all sorts of dangers living on the island in Sons of the Forest. You will initially start off by building a Shelter but as soon as you find enough resources (and the right tools), you will need to build yourself a defensive wall to keep out the angry cannibals and mutated monsters.

They are particularly useful in escaping groups of enemies; just head inside your cabin and wait for them to go away because defensive walls are incredibly tough and not easy to break.

The good thing is that building a Sons of the Forest defensive wall is pretty straightforward. All you need are two items to start building.

How to build a defensive wall to keep out enemies

You need two items to start making your wall. It is better to start collecting one of the required items from the start of the game. The essential item required is a log; you need many of them.

You can collect logs by cutting down the trees and adding them to your inventory. You can even instruct Kevin to do the deed on your behalf. He can explore the areas to collect the logs, helping you build the defensive wall more quickly.

The other item required to form the strong walls is an Axe. You get this item from the start of the game, so you do not have to worry about anything. After having enough logs, you can equip the logs and start making the wall.

Pick some logs from your inventory and right-click to change the direction of logs from horizontal to vertical. You need to look toward the ground and wait for the white circle to appear.

This circle indicates where you should place the logs. Place as many logs as you want to make the defensive wall according to your needs and inventory of logs.

After placing the logs, you need to sharpen their top edges. The axe comes into play for this job. A red sign will appear on the logs, indicating where you should cut.

You need to hold the left click and press it again to cut. Do it for all the logs, and you have a tough, unbreakable Sons of the Forest defensive wall protecting your base.

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