How To Get A Pistol In Sons Of The Forest

Sons of the Forest pistol is one weapon you pack before you set out for the island, but you lost it in the crash and have to find it before...

Roaming around in a forest riddled with cannibals and monsters unarmed is the stupidest idea one can have. As soon as you get to the island, your first objective should be to get a weapon for yourself. Sons of the Forest Pistol is one weapon you pack before you set out for the island, but you lose it in the crash and must find it before you can use it.

Sons of the Forest Pistol location

Sons of the Forest Pistol Location

The Pistol is the strongest early and mid-game weapon. If you are willing to make the journey, you can get the Pistol as soon as you start the game. 

When you get control, use your GPS, and look for the purple GPS Locator marker near the island’s beach. The marker is off the island’s coast, and you can see an inflatable raft in the distance with a red tent. You need to swim to the raft; on top of it, you will find the Pistol in Sons of the Forest. Here you will also find a GPS Locator.

Beware on your way to the raft; the water around the island is infested with sharks, and you might be attacked as you try to make your way. We recommend you take some ranged weapon, which is probably a bow. Also, make sure you make a small shelter on the shore before swimming out to the raft, so you don’t have to start all over if you accidentally get eaten by a shark.

Sons of the Forest pistol attachment locations

Unlike the revolver, the pistol in Sons of the Forest can be altered. The pistol allows you to equip a variety of different attachments on it to enhance its capability and improve your survival chances.

Pistol ammo location

Whether you have the Pistol or not, you can find the ammo for the weapon any time, and we do recommend you bring some with you before getting the Pistol, so it’s not dead weight once you get it.

Ammo for your Pistol cannot be crafted, but caches around the map contain ammo to loot. Mostly these caches are found in caves and near small settlements across the forest. You can also find Pistol ammo on the dead bodies of friendlies in Sons of the Forest.

Pistol Rail location

Sons of the Forest Pistol Rail attachment location

The rail for the Pistol is used to attach any other attachments to your Pistol and is found very near the location of the Pistol itself.

From the raft, swim straight to the shore. On the beach, look around and look for some rocks here. Search around these rocks, and you will find a dead body. Looting the dead body will get you the Pistol Rail.

Pistol Flashlight location

Sons of the Forest Pistol Flashlight attachment

You will find this attachment for Pistol inside a cave. You need to ensure you have the rebreather and the rope gun before heading out to find the flashlight. It is the same location where you find the Shovel.

Inside the cave, descend into the cavern and then swim through the underwater tunnel inside the cave. Once you get out from the other side of the tunnel, kill the mutants here and follow the small stream to the path that also leads back to the cavern. On this path, you will find the flashlight attachment for the pistol from a corpse.

Pistol Laser location

Sons of the Forest pistol laser attachment

The laser is inside a bunker, the entrance to which is also hidden below dirt in a random spot, so you will need a Shovel. Get to the location below and start digging until you can find the hatch leading to the bunker.

Once you find the bunker entrance and get down into the bunker, follow the small corridor, enter the room, and search the desk to find the laser attachment for your Sons of the Forest Pistol.

As a small additional point, collect the keycard found in this room, so you don’t have to return it later.

Pistol Suppressor location

Sons of the Forest Pistol Suppressor attachment

Same as for the laser, you need to dig around the area shown in the map above to find the hatch leading into the maintenance tunnels using a Shovel.

Jump into the hatch and then follow the corridor to the room at the end of the corridor. Look inside the desk to find the Suppressor for your Pistol.

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