Sons Of The Forest Keycard Locations

While playing Sons of the Forest, you will come across various bunkers which require some keycard to open but finding them is not so easy.

While playing Sons of the Forest, you will come across various bunkers which require some keycard to open. However, finding these keycards will require you to put in some effort.

But things can get easier if you know about the Sons of the Forest keycard map locations. With these keycards, you can enter the locked bunkers with ease and explore these bunkers to get useful items like weapons and resources.

Where to find Keycards in Sons of the Forest

You will find three keycards scattered around the map. Follow the sequence mentioned below because to get the card, you are required to have the previous card.

Maintenance Keycard

Sons of the Forest Maintenance Keycard location

Travel to the keycard location as shown on the Sons of the Forest map. It will be on the northwest side of the Island. Approach the golf cart ahead and start digging the ground near it. Use the shovel in your inventory to dig. As you shovel, you will see a bunker (Maintenance A).

If you do not have the shovel, We suggest you get it first. It will be in the snow mountain cave, in the western part of the area.

Clear out the dirt over the bunker and try to open it. It would take a few tries to unclick it. Climb down the bunker via the ladder. Equip the flashlight via inventory; get it first if you do not have it. It will be at the helicopter crash site deep into the forest.

Start walking forward, and you will notice a room on your left after some time. Enter this room, and you will see a laptop ahead on the table. Go near it, and you will see a keycard beside it. Press E to pick it up.

VIP Keycard

Sons of the Forest Vip Keycard location

It is where you will see a cave, squeeze through this cave. But before moving any further, ensure you have the flashlight and the Maintenance Keycard in Sons of the Forest. If not, then get these first. The locations of both items are mentioned above.

After entering the cave, move forward, and you will approach a bunker. Climb down the bunker using the ladder. Move forward, and you will notice a blue light on your left. Use the maintenance keycard on it to open the locked door beside it. Keep going straight by passing three rooms on the way.

Turn to the west by the yellow generator, and you will be in the water. While swimming, turn to the left and keep moving forward. You may find some obstacles but find your way through them and cross three rooms.

Then turn east to the hallway and then take the first left. Keep going straight, and you will enter the control room. Pick up the keycard ahead, beside the PCs.

Guest Keycard

Sons of the Forest Guest Keycard location

Head inside the cave in Sons of the Forest which you can see on the map, but ensure you have the VIP keycard and a flashlight.

After entering the cave, equip the flashlight via inventory, and use it to view your way. Keep moving forward, and you will enter a hallway. Take the far-left turn, where you will see a bright room. Enter the room, and turn east, where you will see a locked door.

Use the VIP Keycard to unlock this door and head inside. Keep moving forward and turn left to enter the gym area. Keep going straight and enter through the door beside the sauna.

It is where you will see spiral stairs. Use these stairs to go up and pass through the pool area to enter a nightclub. Travel to the north and enter the second reserved room on the right; the guest keycard is on the table by the dead body.

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