How To Get Serpent Bow In Elden Ring, Is It Good?

You can find the Serpent Bow in Abandoned cave in Caelid region. It's mighty shot skill can be quite beneficial for damage and effects.

Although Bows cannot shoot sorceries at your enemies, they can deal a significant amount of physical damage from a large distance. Serpent Bow is one of the few bows that scale with Arcane stat in Elden Ring, and we will be exploring its location in the guide below.

In addition to Arcane, it scales with Dexterity and Strength and is good at inflicting Poison damage on targets. It is also one of the most lightweight regular bows in the game, making the wielder rather quick in combat scenarios.

Serpent Bow Location in Elden Ring

You can find the Serpent Bow in the Abandoned Cave, in the middle of the Caelid region.

To reach the cave:

  • Fast travel to the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace in Caelid.
  • Once you spawn there, summon your ride and start heading eastwards.
  • On the path ahead, you may encounter a doglike T-rex coming at you. You can either simply ignore it and continue your journey or engage in a short-termed fight.
  • Moving forward, you will be able to see the cave in the depths from giant stones. However, there will be no place to jump down.
  • Now, you need to walk a few steps while hugging the cliffs on the right until reaching a large tree branch.
  • This branch will take you straight to the dark entrance of the cave. Go inside and activate the Abandoned Cave Site of Grace.

After that, you have to jump downwards and keep walking to the left in the dark pathway ahead. Having a lantern or torch can make this journey pretty easy. A few steps forward and you will see a statue in another area downwards. The Serpent Bow will be placed right next to the statue.

Note: While walking inside the cave, you will face lethal amounts of Scarlet Rot. Avoid the explosions as much as possible and keep resistant materials like White Cured Meat and Preserving Boluses to protect your health from DoT effects.

How do you use the Mighty Shot?

The real charm of Serpent Bow is its innate ability, the Might Shot. This skill can cause poison damage, bleed damage and sleep depending on the arrows type you use. To use Mighty Shot, all you have to do is fire your arrows with maximum strength i.e. you should stretch the string of your bow to the maximum.

Best Builds for Serpent Bow

Serpent Bow works great with status effect builds as the poison status effect with Might Shot can cause a lot of damage. You can get the Serpent Arrows for different damage effects from Isolated merchant at Dragonbarrow. Moreover, it can also work well against shields as it can ignore some of the defensive aspect of the shields. And if you are going with a bow only build, using the Serpent Arrow in your left hand will be beneficial as it will pass its effects to the main hand bow weapon. So overall, Serpent Bow is a good choice to have in your arsenal in Elden Ring.

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