Saints Row 4 Telekinesis Mayhem Challenge Guide – How To Get Gold

How get gold medal in Telekinesis Mayhem Challenge in Saints Row 4.

Telekinesis Mayhem in Saints Row 4 is a little different from other types of mayhem challenges that you may have faced so far. You performance in this challenge may be affected by how much you’ve upgraded the Telekinesis superpower and you need to be deft at using it as well.

You’ll need to go around looking for Mayhem spheres on the map, and use them like wrecking balls to destroy cars, signs and people.

There are several for you to use, and the good thing is that they do not disappear after use, meaning that you can simply pick up the same sphere you’ve just used to good effect, and do more with it.

The spheres will be marked on your map. They will appear as squares if they are on the same elevation as you, and as a triangle pointing upwards or downwards depending on whether they are above or below you respectively.

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Telekinesis Mayhem #1 – Rosen Oaks
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 200,000 Points
  • Silver – 350,000 Points
  • Gold – 550,000 Points

The throw distance and recharge 2 upgrades help in these challenges so try to make sure you have them in your repertoire before you start it up. You don’t have to have them to get gold but they help massively.

You can use super sprint to run through cars and pedestrians to build up your combo before you start using the sphere so keep that in mind. When the challenge starts, grab a sphere and head for the y-intersection to the south.

A cool technique to use is to play sphere pool by hurling a sphere at other sphere and scattering them around to deal tons of damage.

Telekinesis Mayhem #2 – Rosen Oaks
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 200,000 Points
  • Silver – 350,000 Points
  • Gold – 500,000 Points

You’ll already be in the best spot to gather points when you start this challenge. It’s even easier because you need slightly less points than the last one to obtain a gold medal.

Here is a tactic you can try to use for this event. Hurl a sphere at a target, then immediately catch it again before it goes out of rage. You’ve probably destroyed the target and you didn’t even have to chase after the sphere either!

If you can effectively use this Mayhem Sphere yo-yo trick then you shouldn’t have any issues with completing this challenge successfully. Just remember to try and attract as many police as you can and smashing up their vehicles.

Telekinesis Mayhem #3 – Ashwood
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 150,000 Points
  • Silver – 250,000 Points
  • Gold – 450,000 Points

The third and last Telekinesis event, if you’ve managed to obtain gold in the other two, this one will give you no trouble. It has an even lower point requirement than the one before as well.

When the challenge begins, simply snag the Mayhem Sphere behind you on the other side of the fence and smash up the police when they get there. Use the yo-yo trick discussed above to rapid-fire the sphere and destroy as much property as you can.

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