Saints Row 4 UFO Mayhem Challenge Guide – How To Get Gold

UFO Mayhem in Saints Row 4 is just like Tank Mayhem, except that instead of a tank you get to fly an alien aircraft; The Void. The vehicle has two modes of flight, one through which you hover in midair, and the other in which you zoom forward at a high speed.

It has two weapon systems, just like the Destructor tank; the laser cannons and the rockets. Unlike the tank however, the laser system can overheat and they aren’t as powerful as the plasma cannons.

The challenge should go the same as other mayhem challenges, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting the gold medal as long as you keep looking for and focusing on the high Value Targets in the area.

Remember to open up the map in the beginning, plotting a route from HVT to HVT, and taking down other aircraft when you find them for bonus points.

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UFO Mayhem #1 – Henry Steel Mills
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 250,000 Points
  • Silver – 500,000 Points
  • Gold – 800,000 Points

In this one you have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to do your work.

The first thing you need to do is rise up high enough so that you can clear the surrounding buildings, open fire on the pedestrians and cars below you, and proceed towards the first group of High Value Targets to the west, carving a path of destruction as you go.

By the time you get there you’ll probably have built up quite a bit of combo so go to town on the HVTs with the rockets. Head towards the elevated train tracks, where you can find some alien aircraft.

In this way keep looking for targets that will give you a lot of points such as helicopters and the like.

UFO Mayhem #2 – Burns Hill
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 300,000 Points
  • Silver – 600,000 Points
  • Gold – 800,000 Points

This may be slightly difficult, as just about all of the HVTs in this event are mobile.

Fortunately, the Chrome Void is a speedy aircraft, and as such you should not have too much trouble catching them all. Aside from that, there are some stationary targets on the rooftops to the northwest, and several helicopters will come right at you, which is a pretty big mistake on their part.

Avoid needing to pick up repairs, as they will slow you down unless you’re in dire need of them. Again, consult the minimap for guidance when it comes to finding targets.

There is also a lot of traffic on the highway you can have fun with on the way.

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