Saints Row 4 Professor Genki’s Mind Over Murder Guide

How to complete Professor Genki's Mind Over Murder mini-game in Saints Row 4.

Professor Genki’s Mind Over Murder challenge in Saints Row 4 is a minigame where you need to use your characters psychic powers to hurl objects at floating targets (the objects being cars, pedestrians, dumpsters etc.).

There are three of these challenges, and each is harder than the last.

If you want to get gold for this challenge, you will have to move as fast as you can. It’s pretty difficult to accomplish on the first time as repetition plays a big role in doing these challenges.

In this guide, I’m going to give you the basic path you should take and actions you should perform, but it’s always going to take a few tries to get it right. The basic requirement for gold is to finish the challenge with a certain amount of time left on the clock.

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Mind Over Murder #1 – Salander
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 0:00 Left on the clock
  • Silver – 1:30 Left on the clock
  • Gold – 2:30 Left on the clock

In the first area you need to first pick up the Genki object near some balloons and throw it at the pink target. The pedestrians may now attack you, so pick them up and do the two pedestrian targets, then pick up a car and throw that at the car target. Then take off towards the northwest to get to the next area.

As you near the second area, grab a car and throw it at the blue target as soon as you get there. Then go for the two pedestrian targets, and do the Genki as you leave for the east.

As you come into the third and final area, grab the Genki object in the street and toss it at the target in the alley. You’ll be able to find more Genki stuff for the Genki targets. Grab one of the nearby pedestrians for the people targets and remember that you can use a motorcycle for the car target.

Mind Over Murder #2 – Arapice Island
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 0:00 Left on the clock
  • Silver – 1:30 Left on the clock
  • Gold – 3:00 Left on the clock

In the first area, immediately pick up a car or bike and throw it at the vehicle target behind you. There is a green and a pink target near you, but the real challenge is a green target located in the air above, near the storage tanks. You need to hit it on your first try or it’ll be really difficult to get gold.

When you get to the second area, first throw a dude through each of the targets on the ground. After that, grab the Genki stuff on top of the gas station and toss them at the two targets near the sign on the street.

Lastly, throw a car through the blue target on the roof and make for the next area.

On the way, you should go for the Genki target that’s off to the west of the other four targets. Do that first, then go for the others. Grab a small car when you’re trying to hit the vehicle target that’s in between two houses, since a large car won’t fit.

The last target area has two of each kind of target so you’ll have to work a bit.

Most of them are not difficult, but there is a pedestrian target on the north side of the street that you really need to line up carefully. If you don’t throw it just right he’ll just bounce off a railing.

Mind Over Murder #3 – New Baranec
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 0:00 Left on the clock
  • Silver – 2:15 Left on the clock
  • Gold – 4:00 Left on the clock

When you start this one, grab a dude and hit the green target that’s right next to you. Pick up a car and go down the alley to get the blue target. Turn right after that to use the Genki in the side alley to the right of the blue target. The last green is on a roof on the other side of the street.

In this second area, grab a pedestrian and toss him into the green target above the road. Then get on the roof and find a Genki here for the pink target. The blue target is in another alley.

For the third area, start off by snagging the Genki stuff from the front porches of the houses near the alley and go for the two pink targets. Then go across the street with a pedestrian and hit the green target in the alley. The other three are pretty east to hit from the middle of the street.

For the next area, take care of the targets outside the fenced off area of the facility. Do the car target on the roof first, then the Genki target in the alley. Now go for the blue targets on the tank and the chemical buildings.

Lastly, do the greens.

In the fifth area, you’ll find two of each target as you proceed towards the bridge. If you’re looking for Genki objects you’ll find them close to the gas station on the corner.

On the last area, you should first go for the Genki targets, they’re on the west side of the road. Then go for the two blue and one green target. Now focus on hitting the last green target that’s on top of the casino entrance.

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