Saints Row 4 Security Deletion, Virus Collection and Injection Guide

How to get gold on Security Deletion, Virus Collection and Virus Injection challenges in Saints Row 4.

There are a total of 42 of these kinds of challenges in Saints Row 4, 9 of these are Security Deletion, 9 are Virus Collection and 24 are Virus Injections. This guide will cover how they all generally go, and what you can expect from them as well as some strategies you can employ.

You can check the maps below for Security Deletion, Virus Collection and Virus Injection challenge locations:

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Security Deletion
Sometimes viruses and other kinds of bugs make their way into the simulation and need to be stomped out. Some of these are found along with counterfeit programs, which are similar to the virus except much weaker.

They’re usually very strong and killing one is like a miniboss fight.

One thing to take note of is that nearby pedestrians and the impostor programs will drop health orbs so you can use those as a form of replenishment if you’re in any danger of losing the fights. Don’t hold anything back when you’re facing the security target as they are formidable opponents.

Some have shields that must be taken down through the use of a superpower you eventually unlock and fight them as is normal.

Virus Collection
These events are also known as ‘Chop Shop’ events sometimes. In them you need to steal a particular, targeted vehicle and race it quickly to a particular location.

Usually the vehicle is being guarded by some enemis and you’ll have to fight them for it.

Once you’ve dropped the guards (a good idea is to use the blast and stomp attacks to do so, you can even just knock them down and make off with the car), take control of the vehicle and speed off in the direction of the delivery point.

Your GPS will point you in the right way, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

The Zin and police will try to take you down, and if your car takes too much damage you will fail the event. Some of the later events will feature multiple vehicles and some of them will already be occupied.

To hijack these, you’ll need to block the vehicle and shoot the driver.

Virus Injection
For Injection events, you need to defend a certain location while hordes of enemies assault it. Kinzie, CID and the others are basically trying to upload a virus into the simulation and the Zin don’t really want you to do that.

The types of foes you face is quite numbered and varied.

Sometimes you go up against a single wave with over a 100 bad guys you need to take down, while other times there will be multiple waves of 10-20 enemies.

The cool thing about these events is that you have a lot of freedom in how you want to take them down. You can call in and recruit Saints backup at any time. Phone in for a destructor tank or chrome void deliviery or really anything you can think of.

Just kill the guys attacking you.

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