Saints Row 4 Tank Mayhem Challenge Guide – How To Get Gold

How to get gold medal in Saints Row 4 Tank Mayhem Challenge.

Just like in Mech suit mayhem, you’ll commandeer another piece of alien technology to go on a destructive rampage across the city of Steelport in Saints Row 4.

This time we’ll be sitting at the helm of the Destructor hovertank, and using its overwhelming firepower to ‘liberate’ those cars and signposts!

The hovertank has a powerful plasma cannon and a rocket turret as its main armaments. The Plasma Cannon cannot overheat, therefore you’re going to want to have 100% uptime on it and it should be spitting glowing balls of death every few seconds.

Make sure to focus plasma cannon fire at high value targets and try to make a route which covers all of them.

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Tank Mayhem #1 – Bridgeport
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 300,000 Points
  • Silver – 600,000 Points
  • Gold – 1,000,000 Points

When the challenge begins, head towards the right and carve a path of destruction on your way to the high value targets there. Look for tanks and police cars on the way since they reward you with a significant amount of points.

Go down the block and make a right and then another to get to some more high value targets.

It might be a good idea to open up the map and try to set up a route that takes you past a lot of the HVTs. However, don’t forget that the lion’s share of the points will be coming from non-high value targets, so make sure you keep blowing up those cars and pedestrians.

Some of the high value targets are located behind the forcefield of a hotspot, so you might want to take that down prior to this event.

Tank Mayhem #2 – Yearwood
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 600,000 Points
  • Silver – 1,400,000 Points
  • Gold – 2,000,000 Points

At first this might seem like a nigh impossible event to get gold with due to the 2 million points requirement, however, don’t forget that you have a wealth of high value targets to take advantage of.

Keep up a steady barrage of the plasma cannon’s blasts to get the combo bonus meter high and rising, and unleash the rockets when you run across a high value target.

You may take some damage from enemy fire and also from any nearby explosions you cause so remember to walk into some of those wrench icons that are scattered around to repair your vehicle.

Aside form that keep up the destruction and hunt down the HVTs.

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