Saints Row 4 Fraud Challenge Guide – How To Get Gold

How to get gold medal in all the Fraud challenges in Saints Row 4.

In Saints Row 4, Players can supposedly ‘beat the system’ by flinging the limp body of the president into oncoming traffic at an intersection and then attempting what limited control they have over the ragdoll to do oas much damage as possible.

The points counter is the amount of cache that players would normally get if they actually got the money raised in the fraud run, however this is simply not the case. You get to keep the money you earn by unlocking the medals and that’s it.

Jump into the air into a busy road or intersection and hold down the zoom and primary attack buttons to go limp. You have limited control over your character in this state so you’re mostly at the mercy of the cars.

The more times you bounce off a car or a wall the higher your combo bonus will climb.

Finally, there are some highlighted areas where you get bonus points if you manage to bounce and spin your way into them. You generate more adrenaline in these areas which will help you get higher point tallies.

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Fraud #1 – Bridgeport
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 300,000 points
  • Silver – 500,000 points
  • Gold – 1,000,000 points

This fraud section if pretty easy.

The road is very bustling and you’ll honestly have more trouble breaking out of the fraud than finding cars to hit. Stick to the east-west road between the wall and the highway and you won’t have any trouble. You can even go up to the highway itself for more carnage.

Fraud #2 – Rosen Oaks
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 600,000 points
  • Silver – 1,000,000 points
  • Gold – 1,700,000 points

This event may seem more difficult at first glance because of the increased point requirements on the medals, however keep in mind that there will be three new bonus areas for you to rotate between and build up your adrenaline with.

Begin the ragdoll at the bonus area near the large bridge, at the intersection. Once the area times out, make your way to the next one and so on, racking up the points.

Fraud #3 – Loren Square
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 500,000 points
  • Silver – 700,000 points
  • Gold – 1,200,000 points

Pick either of the bonus areas and jump into the fray. There’s a lot of traffic you can use on the elevated highway. Remember to focus on the cares coming at you from the front, as they’ll be easier to hit correctly.

It’s not difficult to swap between the two bonus areas as they’re very close to each other. The constant traffic and lack of any real obstacles make this a fairly easy challenge to get gold in.

Fraud #4 – Henry Steel Mills
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 500,000 points
  • Silver – 700,000 points
  • Gold – 1,200,000 points

The final fraud has three bonus areas at each corner of the Henry steel mills area.

Start it off at the southern bonus area near the bridge going across the river from downtown. Build up your adrenalin at the bonus area and head north for the bonus area near the highway bridge going east.

Follow the train tracks as you go. When you’re on the bridge remember to avoid hitting the overhead supports or you may find your run prematurely ended.

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