Saints Row 4 Mayhem Challenge Guide – How To Get Gold

Tips and strategies to complete Mayhem Challenge on Gold in Saints Row 4.

Ever just activated a couple of cheats in Grand Theft Auto and gone on a killing/destruction spree across the city? What am I talking about, of course you have!

Well, the Mayhem challenges in Saints Row 4 are very similar to that, except there are a few small stipulations. You are tasked with doing as much destruction as you possibly can on-foot, using either some special alien weapon or by using the super stomp ability.

Go for the busiest areas you can find and try to make each attack affect as many cars, pedestrians and signs as possible for maximum mayhem. There won’t be any high value targets for you to hit, but you can try and target the police that will eventually come for you for some good bonuses while your combo is up.

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Mayhem #1 – Loren Square
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 300,000 points
  • Silver – 500,000 points
  • Gold – 800,000 points

For this event you need to deal as much damage as you can using the special black-hole launcher gun. This gun does exactly as it says, so be careful you don’t fire it at any target too close to yourself you you might find yourself in a bit of trouble.

Steadily march down the road on one side and fire the launcher at the cars and people on the other and behind you. Remember to never shoot a black hole in front of yourself or you’ll have to go around it or risk being pulled in yourself.

Mayhem #2 – Brickston
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 225,000 points
  • Silver – 350,000 points
  • Gold – 500,000 points

Similar to the last mayhem event, except this time you’re given the Plasma Cannon weapon to play around with. This gun has unlimited ammunition, but it also takes some time to charge up a shot.

The way to succeed at this challenge is to build up your combo on small targets, then destroying the more valuable ones such as tanks when it’s high. Brickston is pretty densely populated, so you can just pick a direction to stroll towards and fire away.

Just remember to keep moving and looking for more targets.

Mayhem #3 – Wesley Cutter International
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 150,000 points
  • Silver – 300,000 points
  • Gold – 500,000 points

The point requirements for this event are significantly lower than the previous ones, but you also won’t have any weapons to help you out. You need to go about this one by using the Super Stomp power, and it really helps if you have the immovable object upgrade with you.

Use super sprint in conjunction with immovable object to run straight through cars and people to build up your combo then find a cluster of cars or other objects and start stomping away.

A good number to hit with your combo before you start stomping is 120. Hopefully you attract police as stomping them will help build up your score

Mayhem #4 – Sunset Park
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 200,000 points
  • Silver – 350,000 points
  • Gold – 500,000 points

This mayhem event goes almost exactly the same way as the last one. Hopefully you got the Immovable object upgrade during the last one because we’re going to use the same strategy here. Sprint oon through traffic and signs to build up the combo meter and start-a-stompin’ to rack up the points.

Remember to use the police cars and motorcycles as they add a wealth of points to your tally. There’s really not much else to be said here, pick a heavily populated area and go to town.

There’s also a gas station here that you can stomp on the roof of to create some more mayhem.

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