Saints Row 4 Mech Suit Mayhem Challenge Guide – How To Get Gold

How to get gold in Mech Suit Mayhem Challenge of Saints Row 4.

Similar to the Mayhem challenge, Mech suit Mayhem challenge in Saints Row 4 asks you to go around smashing stuff and causing destruction across the city of Steelport as a giant fighting robot.

It becomes available a little later, during act 2 and allows you to utilize all the destructive capabilities that giant fighting robot really should have available to him.

Aside from his massively strong melee attacks, the mech has a chaingun available to him that is really quite effective at mowing down sign and pedestrians.

I don’t recommend that you use it against cars or any heavier targets since they’re not that effective there and will overheat. Then there are the rockets that the suit can also fire that are effective against high value targets since they deal a lot of damage in a wide area.

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Mech Mayhem #1 – Loren Square
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 300,000 Points
  • Silver – 550,000 Points
  • Gold – 800,000 Points

This is a pretty easy and fun challenge to do. Since the mech has so many weapons capabilities, it’s a cakewalk to get gold in this event. Simply head on up the main boulevard, smashing away all the cars, people and signs you see on the way.

Keep an eye on the minimap to spot any high value targets or tanks approaching you and use the rockets to take them down. There will also be a few Asserts that are patrolling the city in formation you can take down if you’re careful.

Mech Mayhem #2 – Loren Square
Medal Requirements:

  • Bronze – 500,000 Points
  • Silver – 700,000 Points
  • Gold – 900,000 Points

This is basically the exact same event that you’ve already completed. The only difference is that you have 30 less seconds and you need to score quite a bit more points for each medal.

As soon as the challenge starts, open fire on the nearby police cruisers and go on the rampage towards the south, away from the bridge. One thing you should be looking out for are the voids that you may spot in the sky.

They are easily destroyed with a single rocket, and give you a lot of points. Watch for other valuable targets such as Asserts and helicopters. You’ll know that you’re almost there when you hit bronze, so just keep up the pressure.

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