Rune Factory 5 Gift Guide, Best Items To Raise Affection

If you want to date and get married in the virtual world of Rune Factory 5, then you must play your cards right and raise affection the right way. This guide discusses Rune Factory 5 gifts, and we will also be talking about the best items to raise the affection of your favorite character toward you.

How Does the Gifting System in Rune Factory 5 Work?

You can gift multiple items in RF5 to your favorite character to raise their affection towards you. Raising affection will eventually lead to triggering dating quests which result in marriage.

There are three kinds of gifts for each character

  • Best Gifts – These will raise the affection the fastest but are hard to attain
  • Liked Gifts – These will raise affection at a normal rate but much easier to get
  • Disliked Gifts – Every character has disliked gifts that will have a negative effect on the affection

Gifting on birthdays will positively affect the affection and is greatly appreciated. In addition, you can learn about every character’s birthday by engaging and dialogue, and once the character talks about their birthday, it is automatically added to the in-game calendar.

To gift, go to inventory and select the item. Then, go near the character and talk to them, and they will appreciate the gift, increasing their affection. Gift the best items once a day. Regifting items on the same day won’t have much effect on the affection.

What are the Best Items to Raise Affection in Rune Factory 5

The following information will help you efficiently raise affection with your favorite characters in RF5 by highlighting the best gifts for them


Rune Factory 5 Priscilla Gifts

  • Birthday: Spring 27
  • Best gift: Chocolate cake, Chocolate sponge, Yam of the ages, chocolate cookie
  • Liked gift: Any kind of feather, hot chocolate, sweet dishes
  • Disliked gift: Any kind of fish, branch, mushroom
  • Hated gift: Any dish with squid

Rune Factory 5 Lucy Gifts

  • Birthday: Fall 16
  • Best gift: Tuna, salmon rice ball, level 4 and level 5 upgraded fishing rods
  • Liked gift: Any kind of fish and fish dishes, any kind of fruit, milk.
  • Disliked gift: Spider’s thread, ghost hood
  • Hated gift: Devil horn, devil blood, crystal skull

Rune Factory 5 Fuuka Gifts

  • Birthday: Summer 29
  • Best gift: Emerald, Golden salmon, Golden octopus, Marlin tuna
  • Liked gift: Any glittering item or any kind of fish
  • Disliked gift: Carrot, green pepper, all pickles dishes
  • Hated gift: Pickle Mix, onion

Rune Factory 5 Beatrice Gifts

  • Birthday: Winter 14
  • Best gift: Strawberry milk, Strawberry jam
  • Liked gift: Apple, Pudding, Fruit sandwich
  • Disliked gift: Doria, gratin
  • Hated gift: Hot milk, Hot chocolate, Union stew

Rune Factory 5 Scarlett Gifts

  • Birthday: Summer 18
  • Best gift: Rockfish stew, tempura, tempura udon
  • Liked gift: Any kind of rice dish, rice balls, most Japanese dishes
  • Disliked gift: Union stew, okonomiyaki
  • Hated gift: Leek

Rune Factory 5 Ludmila Gifts

  • Birthday: Winter 5
  • Best gift: White Crystal, Emery Flower, Salted Rainbow Trout
  • Liked gift: Any kind of feather, love scale, prelude to love
  • Disliked gift: Any kind of fur
  • Hated gift: crimson fur, wolf fur

Rune Factory 5 Martin Gifts

  • Birthday: Fall 8
  • Best gift: Fruit Sandwich, Orihalcon, Dragon Stone
  • Liked gift: Any kind of fruit and ore
  • Disliked gifts: Abalone, blowfish, mushroom
  • Hated gift: Any kind of blowfish dish, grilled abalone

Rune Factory 5 Murakumo Gifts

  • Birthday: Summer 2
  • Best gift: Power gloves, champion beltm union stew, grilled skipjack
  • Liked gift: Any kind of Chinese-themed dish, any kind of pizza, big giant’s nail, dango, blue giant’s glove
  • Disliked gifts: Cake, pancakes, French toast
  • Hated gift: Anything with chocolate, sweets

Rune Factory 5 Cecil Gifts

  • Birthday: Spring 12
  • Best gift: Pink melon, fruit sandwich, relax tea
  • Liked gift: Any kind of fruit, any kind of brooch accessory, mysterious things, crystal skull
  • Disliked gift: Yogurt, cheese, milk
  • Hated gift: Hot milk, milk porridge

Rune Factory 5 Ryker Gifts

  • Birthday: Winter 27
  • Best gift: Croquettes, ice cream
  • Liked gift: Popcorn, French fries, cool things
  • Disliked gift: Any kind of curry dish
  • Hated gift: Ultimate curry, Royal curry

Rune Factory 5 Reinhard Gifts

  • Birthday: Fall 30
  • Best gift: toast, sandwich jam roll, level 4 and 5 upgrade farming tools
  • Liked gift: Strawberry seeds, Turnip seeds, failed dish, cold medicine
  • Disliked gift: Any kind of jewelry, precious stones, and crystals
  • Hated gift: Any kind of core

Rune Factory 5 Lucas Gifts

  • Birthday: Spring 1
  • Best gift: Tempura, Tempura udon, fried udon, curry udon
  • Liked gift: Any kind of crystal, udon, curry rice can
  • Disliked gift: Boot
  • Hated gift: None

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