Rune Factory 5 Birthdays and Gifts Guide

In Rune Factory 5, gifting is necessary to increase a character’s affection and friendship for you. This Rune Factory 5 guide covers all birthdays and the best items to gift your characters.

Gifting Mechanics

In Rune Factory 5, a character’s affection for you is crucial as it is required to become friends with them. This allows you to learn more about their background and to set off dating events that lead to marriage.

The question is, however, how to win over a character’s affection and make them a friend. The answer can be found in the Rune Factory 5 gifting mechanics.

In Rune Factory 5, you should send gifts to your favorite characters to strengthen your friendship. However, it is not as simple as it appears. Characters in Rune Factory 5, like people in real life, have desires for certain gifts and dislike others.

If you give a character something he dislikes, you will lose some affection, reducing your friendship. You can gift multiple items per day, but gifting the same item twice a day has no effect on the friendship.

If you have both the Loved and Liked items for a character, you can gift them both to strengthen your friendship even more. On the other hand, if you have a neutral item, you can gift it as well. Although it will not improve your friendship, it will provide you with some FP.

Another point worth mentioning is that characters prefer handmade gifts to store-bought gifts, and they increase friendship levels even more. In addition, if you give five handmade items to a single character, you will receive a gift in return.

How to Gift Items in Rune Factory 5

Simply open the menu, select the item you want to gift, and hold it in your hands. Now approach the character to whom you want to gift the item.

When you’re close to the character, press button A to give them the item. This will start a conversation in which the character will make a comment about your gift. Simple as that!

Once you begin talking to characters, you’ll learn about their preferred gifts and birthdays. When you learn a character’s birthday, it is automatically added to the in-game calendar. Gifting a character on their birthday increases friendship more than on other days.

Rune Factory 5 Birthdays and Favorite Items List

To save you the hassle of finding each character’s birthday and loved items in Rune Factory 5, we have compiled a list including all of the information you need.

All characters, including the Bachelors, Bachelorettes, Special Characters, and other NPCs, have been mentioned here.



  • Location: Lackadaisy, The Blue Moon
  • Birthday: Winter 14
  • Loves: Meteor Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Milk, Gold Juice, Mixed Smoothie


  • Location: Lackadaisy
  • Birthday: Summer 29
  • Loves: Golden Salmon, Golden Octopus, Marlin, Emerald


  • Location: Orphas Stone Bridge, Great Tree Plaza, Rigbarth Clinic
  • Birthday: Fall 16
  • Loves: Glitter Snapper, Tuna, Salmon Onigiri, Sacred Pole, Famous Pole


  • Location: Rigbarth Outpost
  • Birthday: Winter 5
  • Loves: Emery Flower, Great Emery Flower, White Crystal, Big White Crystal, Salted R. Trout


  • Location: Great Tree Plaza
  • Birthday: Spring 27
  • Loves: Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Sponge, Chocolate Cookies, Cake, Yam


  • Location: Rigbarth Outpost
  • Birthday: Summer 18
  • Loves: Tempura, Tempura Udon, Tempura Bowl, Golden Octopus Rice, Boiled Rockfish



  • Location: Rigbarth Outpost
  • Birthday: Spring 12
  • Loves: Pink Melon, Relax Tea, Fruit Sandwich, Ammonite


  • Location: The Crystalbra, Great Tree Plaza
  • Birthday: Spring 1
  • Loves: Tempura, Fried Udon, Tempura Udon, Curry Udon


  • Location: Martin and Cecil’s house, True Strike Smithy
  • Birthday: Fall 8
  • Loves: Dragonic Stone, Orichalcum, Fruit Sandwich


  • Location: The Blue Moon
  • Birthday: Summer 2
  • Loves: Power Gloves, Champion Belt, Hero’s Proof, Skipjack, Union Stew


  • Location: Lackadaisy, The Blue Moon
  • Birthday: Fall 30
  • Loves: Farm tools over level 45, Sandwich, Toast, Jam Roll


  • Location: Palmo Studio
  • Birthday: Winter 27
  • Loves: Devil Horn, Devil Blood, Mermaid Scales, Ice Cream, Croquettes

Special Characters


  • Location: The Blue Moon
  • Birthday: Fall 6
  • Loves: Tempura Bowl


  • Location: The Blue Moon
  • Birthday: Spring 21
  • Loves: Prelude to Love, Pineapple Juice



  • Location: True Strike Smithy
  • Birthday: Summer 13
  • Loves: Splash Star, Gravity Hammer, Dragonic Stone, Orichalcum, Emerald


  • Location: Lackadaisy
  • Birthday: Winter 29
  • Loves: Chocolate Sponge, Chocolate Cake, Cheesecake, Pancakes


  • Location: The Crystalabra, General Store
  • Birthday: Spring 7
  • Loves: Crystal Skull


  • Location: Great Tree Plaza
  • Birthday: Winter 16
  • Loves: Mixed Juice, Mixed Smoothie, Fruit Smoothie, Stew


  • Location: Great Tree Plaza
  • Birthday: Winter 17
  • Loves: Ultimate Curry, Supreme Curry, Curry Rice, Omelet


  • Location: Rigbarth Outpost, The Crystalabra
  • Birthday: Summer 26
  • Loves: Dragon Fang, Dragon Scale, Basilisk Scale, Stone Dragon Scale, Grimoire Scale


  • Location: Rigbarth Outpost
  • Birthday: Spring 16
  • Loves: Pumpkin Flan, Meteor Pumpkin Flan


  • Location: General Store
  • Birthday: Summer 14
  • Loves: Tempura, Tempura Udon


  • Location: Palmo Studio
  • Birthday: Spring 9
  • Loves: Fairy Elixir, Thunderbird Feather, Devil Horn


  • Location: Sweet Hearth, General Store
  • Birthday: Fall 4
  • Loves: Curry Bread, Curry Manju, Jam Roll


  • Location: Rigbarth Clinic
  • Birthday: Summer 5
  • Loves: Invinciroid, Levelizer, Sandwich, Syringe


  • Location: General Store, Rigbarth Outpost, Lackadaisy
  • Birthday: Summer 24
  • Loves: Star Pendant, Sun Pendant, Field Pendant, Dew Pendant, Earth Pendant


  • Location: Sweet Heart, Rigbarth Clinic
  • Birthday: Summer 10
  • Loves: Butter Roll

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