How To Open Wayshrines In Resident Evil 4

In Resident Evil 4, Wayshrines have special treasures for you that you can even sell to make some good money. The issue with Wayshrines ...

In Resident Evil 4, Wayshrines have special treasures for you that you can even sell to make some good money. The issue with Wayshrines is that all of these are locked, and you cannot open them even though you know they are laden with treasures. Opening Wayshrines is not that difficult if you have the required key, and in this guide, we will tell you how you can get that in Resident Evil 4.

How to open wayshrines in RE4

To collect these Wayshrine chests in RE4, you must get to Chapter 4 first, as you can get the key in this chapter. This one key is required to open all the Wayshrine chests.

After defeating Del Lago in Chapter 4, follow the path to the cave entrance. Here, you must solve a mural puzzle to unlock the door to progress. Ignore this mural and head on straight to the end of the cave. There you will find a small wooden box on a small shelf in the wall.

Open this box to get the Old Wayshrine Key in RE4. Using this key, you can open all the Wayshrines throughout the Village section of Resident Evil 4. But if you don’t know where to find the Wayshires, don’t worry. We have you covered on this as well.

All Resident Evil 4 Wayshrine locations

In Resident Evil 4, all the Wayshrines are in the Village section, meaning you have to get them all before ending Chapter 6, or you’ll lose them. Once you enter Salazar’s Castle, you won’t be able to return to the village to collect the Wayshrine treasures.

Wayshrine #1

The first Wayshrine you find is near Quarry. From the merchant location, southwest of the Quarry, head towards the Quarry. You can use the map above to get to the Wayshrine. After unlocking this Wayshrine, you will find the Butterfly lamp in RE4.

Wayshrine #2

Again, start from the Quarry merchant and head down towards the docks. Now enter the cave on the west side. Along the path, you will find another small dock. The Wayshrine is in this dock, and you will find the Splendid Bangle here.

Wayshrine #3

Start at the Lakeside Settlement dock. Head to the center of the settlement, and the Wayshrine is on the road passing through the middle of the settlement. This Wayshrine contains the Pearl Bangle.

Wayshrine #4

To find this, one heads to the Farm. The Wayshrine is next to the gate on the east side of the Farm area and has Antique Pipe inside for you in Resident Evil 4.

Wayshrine #5

To find this one, first, you must progress to Chapter 6. After you kill the Chainsaw sisters who attack you in the Checkpoint area, head to the west side of the Checkpoint area by crossing over the elevated platforms to find the Wayshirine.

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