Resident Evil 4 Del Lago Boss Guide

The serene lake of Resident Evil 4 suddenly erupts into chaos as a massive creature emerges from the depths. In Resident Evil 4, Del Lago is a ferocious aquatic beast with an insatiable appetite for destruction. As you take control of a small boat and prepare to face this fearsome foe, the tension in the air is palpable.

Will you be able to defeat Del Lago and survive this heart-pumping encounter in Resident Evil 4? Of course! and we shall prepare you for the ominous fight right in time through our guide.

How to defeat Del Lago in Resident Evil 4

You will tackle the Del Lago boss fight in the 3rd Chapter after completing the first two Chapters of RE4. You must approach the Church and then the Quarry using the Insignia Key. Having found the fuel for your boat, you can start the Boss hunting campaign by riding your boat in the lake.

Even from the initial part of the lake fight, you will stumble through the wavy tides caused due to the ferocious moves of Del Lago in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Instead of throwing invaluable attacks at the monster, you should devise a proper strategy, including dodging and careful attacks.

Move aside when the monster dives into the water

Whenever you see Del Lago Boss diving and disappearing into the water, do not think twice and move either side of your boat’s current direction. It will save you from the lethal attack that the monster does abruptly after returning from the dive. By not doing so, you can quickly become a living fish food.

Use Harpoon when the monster attacks

Seeing the Del Lago in RE4 coming for an attack, do not panic; instead, throw a harpoon at the monster. Make sure to hit its wide-open mouth to inflict severe damage. It will save you and the boat from being devoured or damaged.


Avoid obstacles in water

The Beast will drag your boat throughout the lake for a while, and several obstacles will be in the way. The twist is that you cannot destroy them by any means. You have to take care of them and move sideways as soon as you see one to avoid damaging your boat. This will help you keep up with the fight until the last bit.

Use the sound for the monster’s direction

Del Lago will attack suddenly from random directions, and your only chance of discovering the attack’s direction is using your ears. Listen carefully to the sound it makes, and you can guess its next move in Resident Evil 4.

Do not ignore your boat’s health

While keeping yourself safe from attacks is essential, your boat needs care, too, as you will surely die as soon as the boat is completely damaged and unusable.

Aim higher than the target

Our final strategy is always to aim a little higher when targeting. The Harpoon is quite a steep weapon and changes direction when thrown from a far distance. Throwing higher will make the attack accurately hit the Boss.

After beating Del Lago, Chapter 3 of RE4 ends. The reward for successfully defeating Del Lago is the “Harpoon Hurler” Trophy.

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