Resident Evil 4 Points Of No Return Guide

Points of no return in Resident Evil 4 will prevent you from accessing quests and collectibles so let us tell you where they are.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is divided into three main sections; Village, Castle, and Island. Each section offers a lot of collectibles, side quests, and other activities, in addition to the main story progression. With a hybrid of linear and open-world formulas, RE4 Remake locks out a lot of previous sections as players progress through the story. If you don’t know the location of these Resident Evil 4 points of no return, you might accidentally end up progressing too much into the story and miss out on some content.

How do RE4 points of no return work?

Resident Evil doesn’t offer chapter selection, so in addition to an auto-save feature, progressing past the points of no return can result in losing out on side quests, weapons or special treasures if you are not careful enough.

There are two types of “points of no return” in Resident Evil 4. First when you are locked out of a major area (can’t return to the Village or Castle after certain events) or when you can’t visit a section from within an area. Resident Evil 4 encourages players to backtrack a lot to complete side quests (blue papers) and reach the areas that were initially inaccessible.

Merchants will always give you a warning about finishing incomplete tasks before you hit the point of no return. So, we advise you to make an additional save point before triggering those events in case you missed something.

Below we have covered the points of no return for every region in RE4 remake. Before proceeding, be warned that there will be slight spoilers as we explain these points.

Resident Evil 4 Village points of no return

As mentioned before, there are two points of no return in the Village area of re4. One is a minor point of no return that locks access to a small section of the region while the second one completely locks out the Village region.

Leaving the quarry after El-Gigante boss fight in chapter 4. This event will lock you out of visiting the lake again (minor). The lake has a lot of hidden treasures and a special weapon (Red 9) to find. Use the save point near the docks before moving forward.

Reaching the extraction point after rescuing Ashley in chapter 5. When you cross the bridge, a cutscene will play out resulting in a battle sequence. An additional cutscene will force Leon and Ashley towards the next boss fight (Village Chief) resulting in locking the access to Village (major).

The Castle points of no return

The Castle region of RE4 has 3 points of no return. Two of these are minor ones that lock smaller sections of the castle while the third major one completely prevents you from returning to the Castle.

Salazaar will throw Leon in a pit during chapter 10, and it will happen in the Throne room. You won’t be able to return to the beginning of the castle (minor) after killing the fourth boss (Verdugo) and riding the elevator.

Mine cart riding during chapter 11. There is an achievement/trophy linked with this sequence. You won’t be able to return to mines (minor) after reaching the end of the tunnel.

Riding the elevator to the top of the clock tower in chapter 12. There is also a gondola available in the area, that will allow you to reach previously inaccessible areas of the Castle including the Throne room. Clear all of your side quests and collect everything that is available in the Castle before moving forward. You won’t be able to return to The Castle (major) after defeating Salazaar at the end of the chapter.

Points of no return for the Island

When the helicopter assisting Leon will be shot down in chapter 15. Going past the gate with blue paper (medallions side quest request) will lock you out of the previous areas (minor).

Moving past the merchant in the Sanctuary in Chapter 16. This will trigger the last boss battle (Saddler) and lock you out of everything (major). The only thing left after this point is to take down the boss and finish RE4 to start a New Game+.

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