Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Sisters Boss Guide

One of the bosses in Resident Evil 4 is the Chainsaw Sisters, also known as Bella Sisters. They carry a deadly chainsaw in their ...

Resident Evil 4 Remake has retained the same bosses as its original part. One of the bosses from Resident Evil 4 is the Chainsaw Sisters, also known as Bella Sisters. They carry a deadly chainsaw in their hand to kill you. Taking them out will take some time as villagers will also attack you. But you don’t have to worry; we will guide you on tackling the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Sisters the villagers at the same time.

You will fight the Chainsaw Sisters in Chapter 6 of Resident Evil 4. You must head inside the main building to acquire the checkpoint crank. Unfortunately, the crank can only be acquired after defeating the Chainsaw Sisters so this is not an optional boss fight.

How to defeat Chainsaw Sisters in Resident Evil 4

Defeating the Chainsaw Sisters in RE4 is not an easy task. Not only will you have to fight them, but also the zombie villagers. So, it will be a hectic fight in a room.

Make sure to have some flash grenades and some explosive grenades with you. Also, take shotguns and machine guns to fight easily, as there will be a lot of enemies in the room.

Hide Ashley

The Chainsaw Sisters bosses in Resident Evil 4 will appear when you go to pick the checkpoint crank. You will have Ashley with you. Ensure you order her to lock herself in the locker room to be safe. So, you can fight the bosses without worrying about her safety.

Keep safe distance

When you fight the Chainsaw Sisters, the zombie villagers will also appear in good numbers to attack you. If you engage with one enemy, you are vulnerable to being attacked by others. So, keep a safe distance from them and use firearms to fight them.

Also, don’t try to melee them while hoping to dodge the incoming attack. Don’t try to dodge the chainsaw Sisters unless you need to defend yourself. Using your knife to parry their chainsaw will consume much of your stamina in Resident Evil 4. So, it is better to fight them from a distance.

Use grenades

When the Chainsaw Sisters appear, instantly throw some explosive grenades at them. It will deal a lot of damage to them in RE4 remake. Also, when many enemies attack you, use the flashbang to stun them while you retake control.

Also, when the fight will almost be over, when you shoot the last three zombies, a weird transformation will happen, and two mutant fleshy hands coming out from their heads. You can tackle this immediately by throwing a stun grenade at them. The bright flash will burn their heads.

Quickest ways to defeat the Chainsaw Sisters in RE4

There are two ways in which you can beat the Chainsaw Sisters quickly:

  • For the first method, you will need a mine-throwing gun. Plant some explosive mines when you are about to take the checkpoint crank. The best is to plant 4-5 mines on the hanging bulb at the location. When they appear, the mines will blow, and the chainsaw sister will die immediately.
  • The second method is more straightforward if you have a rocket launcher. When the chainsaw sisters appear, move to a safe distance and fire the rocket at them in Resident Evil 4. They will die immediately from the explosion.

After killing them using either of the two methods, fight the zombie villagers coming after them. Once you have taken out all of them, collect the checkpoint crank.

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