Remnant 2 Twisted Chantry Dungeon Guide

The Twisted Chantry in Remnant 2 is quite challenging, and players could use some guidance on how to complete it.

The Twisted Chantry is a dungeon location you can find and complete in Remnant 2. This is a dark chamber infested with enemies resembling zombies. This Dungeon consists of broken-down walls with roots hanging above your head everywhere you go. Pure evil lurks in every corner of the dungeon.

The site of the Twisted Chantry dungeon is quite dreadful, and the monsters roaming inside won’t miss the chance to hunt you down. Therefore, you’ll have to be very careful as you wander through the evil ruins of this Vault.

The Twisted Chantry in Remnant 2 is quite challenging, and players could use some guidance on how to complete it. This guide will provide a complete walkthrough of the Twisted Chantry, including its enemies, bosses, secret passages, and all the important items that can be collected. So, stick around to know it all.

How to get to the Twisted Chantry in Remnant 2

The Twisted Chantry is located in the world of Yaesha in Remnant 2. It is a secret dungeon location that can only be accessed from The Withering Weald, a forest area that has been corrupted by the root.

Make your way to The Withering Weald and keep exploring until you see a temple with two large flute-playing stone statues on the outside. There is a portal here that is going to take you to the Twisted Chantry.

If you do not come across the temple, you need to re-roll The Withering Weald through the Adventure mode. This is because of how each map and location procedurally generates each time.


How to complete the Twisted Chantry in Remnant 2

The Twisted Chantry is a malevolent dungeon in Remnant 2 with wicked and deadly monsters roaming the ruins. The dungeon is full of secrets you must unlock.

The Layout of this place is basically a Loop that leads downwards. But players can get alternating versions, as that’s just how the game works. Moreover, this Dungeon is an XP farm, as killing each enemy will provide you with large amounts of XP.

The Twisted Chantry dungeon will throw different types of lethal enemies at you. These include Root Zombies, Root Shaman, Root Wart, Root Rot, Root Hulk, and Root Angels. You’ll encounter all these enemies as you battle through the dungeon; some of them can give you a tough time.

The Root Shaman is a dangerous foe with the ability to resurrect zombies. You must kill this monster as soon as you see it if you want to avoid an entire horde of zombies attacking you. The Root Wart is an ugly monster resembling a suicide bomber that will throw itself at you and explode.

The Twisted Chantry Dungeon is also a hub for finding various important items. Some of these items are the following:

  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Twisted Extender Mutator
  • Berserker’s Crest Ring
  • Agnosia Driftwood
  • Tomb Dweller’s Ring
  • Necklace of Flowing Life
  • Sagestone
  • Guardian’s Ring

You may not get some of these items due to the game’s procedural generation, but if you’re lucky, you’ll stumble across most of them during your campaign.

Kill the “Weeping Angel” statue in the secret room

There are alternative layouts in the Twisted Chantry. One of those layouts contains the Statues of Root Angels in Remnant 2. These dreadful-looking statues will move towards you while you look away and freeze in their place when you look at them.

A word of caution here is to keep an eye on the Root Angels. If they get close enough, they’ll deliver a deadly attack that will put you to rest. Therefore, make sure the Angels remain far from you.

You’ll be able to locate four blue crystals on the statues. Shooting these crystals will unlock a hidden staircase inside the floor.

Traveling down the staircase will lead you to a Slasher enemy you must defeat. Once you’ve dealt with the enemy, you’ll be able to find a treasure chest. Go ahead and open it to claim the items inside.

After opening the chest, the weeping angel statues will start moving toward you as you look away from them. Until now, players could find no way to kill them, but after some experiments, it turns out they have a weak link.

To kill the weeping angels, use a powerful long gun with a good Mod. In our case, we used the Enigma handgun with a Mod power. You’ll see a crystal on the Root Angel’s head. Shooting this crystal will deal a great amount of damage to these wicked statues until it kills them.

You’ll want to kill the statues as they can drop off valuable items like Lumenite crystals, scraps and even some relics.

Defeat the Rot in the Coffin Event

Rot is an optional boss in Remnant 2 and one you can find as you wander through the Twisted Chantry Dungeon. As you roam through the Dungeon, you’ll eventually encounter a room with a Coffin placed inside.

Jump into the coffin from above and go inside. A Staircase will lead down into a pool of water infested with Root Zombies. After killing all the zombies, you can search for an important item called the Berserker’s Crest Ring. This ring can grant you different helpful abilities, which we’ll discuss later.

After killing all the enemies down there, travel forward to find a staircase leading up to the mini-boss called Rot. This boss is relatively easier to handle, but you must not underestimate this monster, who can teleport around to deliver deadly attacks.

Once you defeat the Rot in Remnant 2, he’ll drop off the Twisted Extender Mutator. This Mutator provides great benefits as it increases magazine capacity by 20% and can come in super handy when dealing with deadly enemies. This may be equipped on Handguns and Long guns, granting players increased shots before requiring a reload.

Defeat the Legion

The Legion is the Final Boss of the Twisted Chantry in Remnant 2, located inside the final room of the Dungeon. A circular portal device will be floating above the head of the boss. This is called the nightmare and is the weak point of the Legion boss.

The boss will throw different deadly attacks at you. Moreover, you’ll also have to fight off the other enemies of the game as you deal with him. Once you have defeated the Legion, you’ll receive rewards which include the Agnosia Driftwood, Tome of Knowledge, and Lumenite Crystals.

The Agnosia Driftwood in Remnant 2 can be taken to Ava McCabe, where it will be used to craft the Fargazer Weapon Mod. Using this Mod will summon the eye of Legion. This applies Madness to your enemies and deals a great amount of damage.

The Tomb of Knowledge is another important item dropped off by the boss. You can spend this additional Trait Point later on.

On the other hand, if you have a Trait Point cap of 65, you’ll be granted additional benefits. These include 500 scrap along with 250 Archetype XP.

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