How To Get The Tightly Wound Coil In Remnant 2

The Tightly Wound Coil ring will provide you with a shield in cases when half of your magazine is finished in Remnant 2. But the main question here is how you get it.

The Tightly Wound Coil is a ring that you can find in Remnant 2. As you know, Rings work as an accessory to players’ builds, providing them with an increase in their damage dealt to an extra health increase while dealing with enemies.

The Tight Wound Coil is no exception, granting you a shield. However, it only works when over half of your gun’s magazine is finished. To get your hands on this ring, you must venture out to one of the dungeons in the world of N’Erud.

Tightly Wound Coil location in Remnant 2

You must visit the Dungeon, ‘Void Vessel Facility’ in the World of N’Erud to get the Tightly Wound Coil. Due to the procedural Generation of the maps, it is impossible to give a marker on where this dungeon might be. But I will advise you to roam around the area of the Timeless Horizon.

A clear indicator to locate the Dungeon is to hear soft alarm sounds in Timeless Horizon. These are coming from the Void Vessel Facility, which makes it easy for you to find them.

As you discover and explore the areas of Void Vessel Facility, you’ll encounter many time capsules with an interactable terminal right next to them. This terminal opens the capsules and grants you a hidden reward behind a surprise attack from a zombie. One of the capsules will have the Tightly Wound Coil in Remnant 2 with a zombie guarding it.

Like the procedural maps, the pod’s location for the Tightly Wound Coil in Remnant 2 will also change. It is better to explore all the areas and open all the capsules in the dungeon to find the ring.


If the Tightly Wound Coil is not spawning, reroll the game in Adventure Mode and repeat the process.

Tightly Wound Coil stats and bonuses

The Tightly Wound Coil provides a shield of 10% of your max health for 5 seconds. It only works when 75% or more of your magazine’s ammo has been fired.

This ring is perfect if you run your weapons with smaller ammo clips or have a high fire rate. It provides a shield for 5 seconds from enemies for them to reload and get back into action. The ring works best with the Challenger Archetype as it’s more focused on close-quarter encounters with enemies.

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