How To Get Merciless Secret Weapon In Remnant 2

The Merciless is a long gun in Remnant 2 with an eerie look, but the weapon offers a significant advantage on the battlefield.

The Merciless is a long gun in Remnant 2 with an eerie look that offers a significant advantage on the battlefield. It is one of the best assault rifles to have. It is difficult to get this weapon as you can’t find it anywhere.

To get your hands on this deadly assault rifle in Remnant 2, you must gather the required items and craft it. To help you out in finding the items, we have formulated this article. We will also see what this weapon does.

How to craft Merciless secret weapon in Remnant 2

You cannot buy the Merciless long gun from any vendor. You will need to craft it in Ward 13 by talking to McCabe. The Merciless will take 650x scraps, 1x Crimson Membrane, and 7x Lumenite Crystals. The scraps and Lumenite crystals are available in many places, but you must search for the Crimson Membrane.

Crimson Menbrance

The Crimson Membrane in Remnant 2 is a special item you can get as a reward when you defeat the Corrupted Ravager using your weapons. The Corrupted Ravager is the final boss of the Yaesha sector. You can find it in the Ravager Lair section.

If you haven’t found this Lair before, you must reroll until you get the Forbidden Grove as the starting point. From here, you will progress until you reach the Lair. In the Lair, you will find the Corrupted Ravager, which will give you a choice to kill the Doe.

You have to shoot the Ravager instead of the Doe in this place. This will trigger a fight against the Ravager in Remnant 2, and we recommend you bring some fast weapons. The fight against the Ravager will be a little tough because the Ravager is fast and sends out minions, which will distract you a lot. You must slowly damage the Ravager until it has half its health left.


At 50% health, he will run toward the Doe and kill it by biting it. You will have to let it eat the Doe. After it is finished feeding, the Ravager will return to you. Now you must kill it entirely and get a Tomb of Knowledge, some random loot, and a Crimson Membrane.

After the fight, you must return to Ward 13 and talk to McCabe. In the menu, you can select and craft the Merciless weapon in Remnant 2.

Merciless weapon mod and drawbacks

This weapon deals huge damage while dealing bleed damage too. This bleed damage affects nearly all enemies in Remnant 2, but a few resist bleed damage. The Merciless weapon has excellent accuracy and a medium range with high DPS.

The weapon mod is called Bloodline. This mod will not only deal damage but stagger the enemies. Lastly, there will be a 50% increase in damage to the subsequent enemy, which gets hit after penetrating the preceding enemy.

The Merciless is an excellent weapon with many benefits but a few setbacks. First, the Merciless in Remnant 2 has a long reload time. But a smaller clip size makes it a bit annoying to use, especially on hordes of smaller enemies.

Secondly, the projectile is slow moving, making aiming the weak spot of fast bosses challenging.

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