Where To Find The Nightweaver Stone-Carved Dolls In Remnant 2

There are three Stone-Carved Dolls scattered around the Asylum on Losomn in Remnant 2, none of which are marked on your map.

The Nightweaver and the Stone-Carved Dolls are part of a long quest in Losomn, which means that they aren’t really a secret, but they can still be quite hard to find in Remnant.

This is because you have to find three other similar dolls that are scattered around the Asylum, none of which are indicated on the map.

To get your hands on the Nightweaver Stone Doll, you first have to find and collect three Stone-Carved Dolls, which are scattered around different areas of the Asylum in Remnant 2.

A key point to note is that this area is only accessible in Losomn when you roll the Marrow Parish Sanatorium. Moreover, the Asylum is also overridden with a lot of strong enemies, so it would be best to bring your best weapons to this hunt.

The Stone-Carved Dolls locations in Remnant 2

When you’re ready to hunt down the first three Stone-Carved Dolls, head over to the room with the safe to obtain your first one. It can be found right behind the table placed adjacent to the bookshelf.

The Stone Carved Doll is indicated by a red glow, so it shouldn’t be that hard to locate.


The second Stone Carved Doll isn’t far from this place. It’s right outside next to the shed on the corner. There is a white smoke emitting from the shed, which holds the Ripsaw boss within.

After grabbing the second carved doll from next to the shed, you must open the shed and let the Ripsaw boss out. Defeat him and then pick up the key to the third floor from inside the shed.

Use the key to access the new floor and get the third Stone-Carved Droll from inside a small room. Remember to stay away from the large hole in the main hall to avoid falling to death.

Once you have found all three Dolls, make your way into the basement to speak with the Head Nurse. Give her the Dolls and then you can ask her about the song she remembered, and she’ll sing it for you.

An interesting thing here is that there is actually a code hidden in the song – a code for the safe back in the room where you found the first doll. You can decipher it yourself, but if you can’t, it’s “2971”.

Put the code inside the Morrow Parish Safe and you receive a Double-barrel Shotgun from within.

Open the Nead Nurse’s Cell

Head back up to the third floor and look for an open window that leads to a balcony. Jump through this window and you can find the Prison Cell Key, which is what you need to open the Head Nurse’s cell.

Use the key to open the prison cell and you will find the Nightweaver Stone Doll lying on the ground.

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