How To Open The Morrow Parish Sanatorium Safe In Remnant 2

Wondering how to open the safe you found in the Morrow Parish Sanatorium of Remnant 2? Here is its safe code combination.

The Remnant 2 world consists of several creepy places, but very few come close to Sanatorium found in Morrow Parish. You will encounter multiple secrets as you progress through the area of this haunted hospital.

There will be a safe that you can only unlock by finding its safe combination. The solution to this puzzle is hidden behind a song you must listen to carefully.

You have to collect three dolls and bring those back to the basement to play the tune having the answer to the puzzle in Remnant 2.

The Morrow Parish safe code in Remnant 2

After reaching the hospital, make your way toward the basement to meet Doctor Morrow in Remnant 2. However, before that, you must collect all three dolls from different sites of the hospital so you can hear the tune.

Remember, the visit to the doctor is not essential for solving the puzzle. If you know the solution, you can just go straight to the safe and put in the code to solve the Morrow Parish Sanatorium safe puzzle.

But if you want to extend the adventure and collect the dolls, then make your way toward the first floor of the Asylum to find the doll lying next to the bookshelves close to the corner.


For the second doll, head toward the front yard of the Asylum and look toward the right side corner. You will find it next to a pile of rubble.

Lastly, you need to visit the third floor of the Asylum, and there you will find it next to a wall well-lit by a lamp.

After getting these dolls, return to the basement, interact with the doctor, and listen to the song.

You will find the solution from the wording of the song. The part of the song goes like “Two shiny copper teeth removed from nine discarded combs, and seven yellowed leaves excised from one forgotten tome.” So the safe combination is “ 2971” as highlighted in the lines.

The code comination of the Morrow Parish Sanatorium Safe in Remnant 2.

The safe will reward you with a double-barrel shotgun that you can use to blast away your enemies from a close range. You can use this weapon as a secondary and combine it with another melee weapon to become unstoppable in close-range combat in Remnant 2.

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