How To Get The Siphoner Trait In Remnant 2

The enemy's health drops down, so my yours can get up. No, it's not a glitch but the power of Siphoner Trait in Remnant 2.

Traits are a big part of the game mechanics in Remnant 2. They work much like a passive ability, working in the background all time, helping you with all sorts of perks and bonuses. Now there are three types of Traits and unlocking all traits requires different kinds of practices. The question that leads you toward our guide is how to get the Siphoner Trait in Remnant 2.

It is the third type of trait that requires you to complete a quest. As for the trait itself, once equipped, you will generate health every time you deal damage to the enemy. Handy, right? Let us jump in to dig out the rest of the details about this trait.

Siphoner Trait location in Remnant 2

The Siphoner Trait in Remnant 2 is not something you are going to find inside a chest or just lying on the floor in Remnant 2. You will have to take a trip to the Dormant N’erudian Facility in the N’Erud Region.

Due to the RNG nature of the game, every world is procedurally generated and what spawned for someone else, doesn’t necessarily spawn for you. That is why if you cannot find the Facility, all you have to do is go to adventures mode and reroll the map until you find the location.

How to unlock the Siphoner Trait in Remnant 2

There are two ways to get your hands on the Siphoner Traits. Let’s explore both of our options.

Killing all enemies

Once you reach the Dormant N’erudian Facility, head inside and you will find a dungeon. It is going to be infested with tons of creepy crawling monsters. You can explore the location if you want to but if you are looking to directly get the Siphoner Trait, then let’s get right to it.


The dungeon in this facility is part of the Quarantine Event. The event is a speed run to clear out every last one of the enemies present inside within 6 minutes. The timer will start as soon as the door to the dungeon opens and you enter.

You will hear a voice telling you about the purge. If you don’t kill all the enemies within the given time, you will die. If you manage to wipe all of them, you will complete the event and receive the Siphoner Trait.

Defeating the Failsafe mini-boss

There is another much faster way of unlocking the Siphoner Trait in Remnant 2. Once the event starts, instead of taking out your guns and shooting every enemy in sight, look for a U-Shaped room with a platform with a railing on the sides.

This is the room from where you access the secret room to obtain the Memory Core. That is exactly what you need to do now as well. Find the part of the railing that is missing and jump onto the platform right under it. From there you can access the secret room.

Head inside the room with the Biome Control Glyph. There should be a panel right next to it. Activate it to start your fight with Failsafe, a flying robot drone. You will receive the trait as soon as you activate the panel. Though now you have to deal with the mini-boss as well if you don’t want to die.

It should be simple enough to deal with it. Bear in mind that you will be locked inside the room until you take it down. If you lose, you will be locked out of the dungeon until you can try again. You also need to keep the timer in mind because that is the time you will need to complete everything.

Is Siphoner Trait good in Remnant 2?

Yes, the Siphoner Trait is a solid choice especially if you are using either a Summoner or an Engineer build. You can also base your whole build around it to create a perfect Lifesteal Build.

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