Where To Use Memory Core 2 In Remnant 2

Did you just obtain an item called Memory Core 2 and are wondering where and how to use it in Remnant 2? Here's what you need to do.

Memory Core 2 is a quest item that you obtain in Remnant 2. If you have it, you will know that the game does not explain what it is for. You are likely going to scratch your head to wonder where and how to use the item.

Know that the Memory Core 2 is used to obtain a very powerful weapon in Remnant 2. Here’s how you use the item.

Where do you find Memory Core 2?

You will be able to find the Memory Core 2 in Remnant 2 in a secret level of the Dormant N’erudian Facility. It is behind a locked door which can only be opened using a Biome Control Glyph.

You will come across the Glyph door while you are clearing out the  Dormant N’erudian Facility Dungeon. Coming back to the secret level, you will be able to access it through a slight parkour.

Locate the room with a platform that runs above a pit and has a railing around it. There will be a part on the platform where the railing is missing, you can drop down onto the pipes exactly below.

Walk a little further and you will come across a secret tunnel. Follow the path on the left and you will eventually reach a room with an elevator. Take a ride to the upper section of the secret level.


Once you are on the upper level, roam around a little and you will come across the Biome Control Glyph. Due to RNG nature of the game, the placement of the Biome Glyph may or may not vary for everyone so it is best to explore the whole level.

Once you have obtained the Glyph, you can use it to unlock the door, behind which lies the Memory Core 2.

Where to use Memory Core 2 in Remnant 2

Once you have the Memory Core 2 in hand, you need to head straight for Ascension Spire. Just to the left of the entrance, you will see a pit. Drop down and you will find yourself in another hidden location.

Walk a little further and you will find yet another elevator. Take the elevator down and walk towards the room just ahead. Inside the room will be The Custodian. A machine with 2 empty slots.

One slot will take the Memory Core 2 and the second slot will take the Decorum Cipher in Remnant 2. Place both on each of the slots and another room will open.

Inside you will find Core Booster which will increase the damage you deal to an enemy’s weak spot by a whopping 50% for 10 seconds after taking down an enemy.

The second item you will find is going to be the Pulse Rifle so you can pop some heads using a high-energy beam.

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