How To Get Realmwalker Armor Set In Remnant 2

Realmwalker is a pretty cool armor set in Remnant 2 but quite time consuming to unlock as it requires you to complete the main story...

Remnant 2 offers many armor sets in the game. While they all give protection, there are some that provide amazing bonuses like extra protection, increased damage, etc. One of the highly sought-after and difficult-to-acquire armors in Remnant 2 is the Realmwalker armor set and we are here to help you get it.

Remnant 2 Realmwalker Armor location

Two methods find and unlock the Realmwalker set in Remnant 2. Both of the methods require the player to defeat the final boss, Annihilation.

After defeating Annihilation, the end credits will start and you are ready to unlock the Realmwalker set in Remnant 2.

Unlocking the Explorer Archetype

When the end credits end, you will spawn again the Ward-13. A broken compass will also be rewarded to you after defeating the boss along with a few other items. Now go to Wallace, a vendor in the game, at Ward 13.

From him, craft the golden compass engram. This will unlock a new class, the Explorer archetype. Now start a new campaign at any difficulty and you should have the Realmwalker Armor set as a default.

Purchasing the Realmwalker set

Upon spawning at Ward 13 after the credits, you can buy the armor set from the Whispers which is an armor vendor at Ward 13. However, you should have a few other resources to buy the Realmwalker set from Whispers. You must have 2725x scrap if you want to purchase the whole set.


After purchasing it, you can continue using the Realmwalker armor in the Adventure Mode of that campaign if you don’t want to start a new campaign.

Realmwalker set stats

The Realmwalker set is a military uniform that includes sunglass that looks fancy and gives a whole new look to the character. Along with being fancy, the whole set does not have that many drawbacks as the set are lightweight, hence it does not drain any stamina. However, this armor set does not protect you against Toxins.


The Realmwalker set provides:

  • Armor- 40
  • Bleed Resistance- 5
  • Fire Resistance- 4
  • Shock Resistance- 7
  • Blight Resistance- 9

The weight of the set is 21.

If you are curious about the stats of each piece of the set, then they are given below.

Stat/Piece NameTunicGlovesBaretPantaloons
Bleed Resistance3002
Fire Resistance2101
Shock Resistance3112
Blight Resistance4113
Toxin Resistance0000

How to fix the Realmwalker Armor set bug in Remnant 2

The second described method might not work for you as the game has a bug where the set does not appear in the shop, hence you are unable to purchase it.

One of the developers has confirmed that this bug will be fixed in the next patch. Until then if you are having this problem there are a few workarounds to buy the Realmwalker armor set from the shop.

Re-roll the campaign and finish it again (Use Survivor difficulty; it is fast and it will be completed in relatively less time). Don’t let the world state change i.e., not letting any other player join. Upon reaching the end, do not kill the final boss or interact with Keeper or Clementine.

Go back to Ward 13 and it should appear now. If it does not appear try defeating the boss and then go the shop. For some players, it might work.

On Xbox, not skipping the credits should work. Or try the other methods.

Another method is to complete the game in offline mode by doing the main only and not going back to Ward the whole time.

The last known workaround is to go back to the shop after clearing each world.   

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