Remnant 2 Annihilation Boss Guide

Walkthrough of every single aspect of how you can successfully take down the final boss in Remnant 2 - Annihilation.

There is always someone who is the root of all evil. In our case, Root is the evil. Annihilation in Remnant 2 is the final hurdle between you and an Earth free of all evil. The root is an evil alien civilization that enveloped Earth and infested it with monsters.

Annihilation is leading this takeover, and he will also be the final boss in Remnant 2. Taking this gigantic evil tree isn’t the easiest of the tasks, but we are here to help you. Throughout the extensive guide, we have mentioned every aspect you will need to annihilate the Annihilation.

Where to find Annihilation in Remnant 2

If you are following the story and want to end the game, there is no way you can do it without facing Annihilation. Root Earth, the evil root-infested version of Earth, where it all started, is where you will face your final foe.

To be more specific, Annihilation in Remnant 2 can be found in the Blackened Citadel Region of Root Earth. Once you reach the battle’s location, you will see Clementine standing before the entrance. She will tell you that beyond here lies the point of no return and if you want to proceed.

Answer Yes to proceed to battle. Even though she said that it’s a point of no return, you can walk out of the location at any point and roam around and come back. Once you approach the boss and engage in battle, that’s when you can’t turn back. That is do-or-die, a point of no return.

How to defeat Annihilation in Remnant 2

Crowned with the title of the final boss, Annihilation in Remnant 2 takes home the trophy for the most overwhelming and difficult fight ever. At least within the context of this game, there isn’t a boss as tricky as him. Jumping in head first is only going to get you killed.


This is where you need to stop momentarily, prepare yourself, learn about what you are going against, study its attack patterns, and be patient. The last one is the most important. The more patient you are, the less likely the chance of making mistakes and getting your head popped by the giant evil tree.

As big and scary as he looks, he is not unkillable. With the right tools, mindset, and planning, you can even ace this fight on your first attempt.

Pre-Fight Preparations

Before entering the arena, ensure you have all the right tools. You need to have a maximum number of Relics because it will be a long battle so you will need all the heals you can get.

You might be wrong if you think you can clear this fight by relying solely on your skills. If you don’t have a high-level build or weapons with high damage, you will be eviscerated.

You can go with long-range weapons because the arena is pretty big, and the boss will fly around a lot. Just because you don’t want to wait for the right opportunity to get close and die, it is best to use a weapon with a decent range.

Grab yourself a quick secondary with high DPS and rate of fire, such as Cube Gun or some other secret weapon from your stash. This one will be responsible for dealing with one of the attacks we will take about in the next section.

Before you hurt your brain trying to come up with a solution to your problems, we have the ultimate guide for all three phases and how to deal with every kind of attack. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Annihilation weakness

Every boss has a weak spot, and so does this one. Annihilation in Remnant 2 has a weak head. This is also the spot where he is going to be taking the most amount of damage. You need to make sure to land every attack on his hand. Since he is so big, it is also easier to target his giant head.

Attacks and Counters

The final fight against Annihilation is a three-part fight; every part comes with its own challenges, attacks, and patterns. Let’s break down each one for you.

Phase 1

The first phase of the fight is easier than the godawful second phase. When the fight begins, you can start by using your weapon mod that deals damage over time, such as Corossive Rounds or some other good mods. This will allow you to land the first blow; if you land a big one, things might get easier.

In Remnant 2, most of Annihilation’s attacks revolve around his sword. Firstly, there are going to be your regular swings and slashes. If you notice a slight delay between the prep time and activation of the attacks, you can predict the attack and dodge accordingly based on how he preps.

Downward slashes can be dodged by rolling to either side, and horizontal slashes can be dodged by rolling forward or backward. Now comes the other sword attacks. Annihilation will fly high up, then dash down to shove his sword into the ground.

From this point, there are going to be three possibilities. If he pushes the sword again into the ground, the root will come out and try to grab him. If you get caught, you won’t be able to move. Dodge left or right to avoid. You must mash the prompted button as quickly as possible to get free.

If he pulls the sword backward, there you will see big red and orange orb pairs appear in the air. These are what you normally call a homing bomb. If you don’t shoot one from each pair, they will follow you until they hurt you, and trust us that you don’t want to get hit by them. They hit hard and might take you down with a single blow.

Now for the third variant of this attack. If Annihilation bends forwards with the sword pulsing with a red glow, then he will dash toward you with the sword, and the only thing you can do is roll forward when you hear the sound queue. You will hear the metallic sound of a swing thud, and immediately you must dodge.

Normally, whenever the sword goes into the ground, a shockwave spreads around a pivot and will deal damage upon contact. You can roll forward to avoid it as soon as it is near you. These are all the different kinds of attacks and how to counter them during phase 1 of the fight.

Make sure to roam around and collect ammo. Don’t let your health drop too low because you never know when the next hit might come. There will be many opportunities to hit him on the head, so wait for the window and then shoot.

Phase 2

Unlike other boss fights, phase 2 won’t start when you drop the boss to a certain level of health. In this case, it will only start when you fully empty their health bar once. Once phase one ends, a cutscene will initiate. He will rip his head open, and out comes the main body. Again the weakness remains the same. Just the size decreases.

During the second phase, you will be teleported to a glitch realm where everything is just glitching, and there are tons of things coming at you all at once.

During this phase, the boss isn’t gonna me move. He is going to static and launching attacks right from the center of the stage. Since there is no safe place during phase 2, you can only have a better one. It is best to stand a little to the left or right because that’s where you will have an easier time dodging the attacks.

The attacks in the second phase are somewhat similar to the first. There will attack the homing bombs. Shoot them as quickly as possible. There will be the shockwave; dodge as best as you can. Now these shockwaves are also going to take the form of a grid.

Aside from the simple shockwave, a grid will come towards you. There will be a space in between where you can stand to avoid. Now the next attacks are sword attacks.

Annihilation will bring the sword over his head as soon as the second phase starts and smash it on the ground. Don’t get caught under it – it is going to be heavy. He will drag the sword to either side each time after this smash. Be wary of that.

Another attack is where he will take the sword to the corner of the arena, and you will hear a metallic shing sound of the sword. After that, he will drag the sword across the room. Make sure to hear the sound cue to dodge it by rolling forward.

There might be times when you teleport back to the first realm. Something to notice is that if you teleport mid-attack when you return, the attack will continue where you left off. Remember where you left because that’s where you are gonna come back.

This was all about the second phase. The strategy is the same. Keep attacking but make sure to don’t take too many hits. You will eventually bring the health down and kill it.

Phase 3

Upon the end of the second phase, you will be teleported back to Root Earth, the main realm. The fight is over. The Annihilation is no longer going to attack you. He will only release his minions, and you just have to kill them or avoid them for 30 seconds.

After a minute or so, the fight will end; you will have completed the main storyline of Remnant 2 by defeating Annihilation. The ending credits will start playing. You can play the game once again if you feel like it.

Rewards for defeating Annihilation

After the long and tiring final boss battle against the Root of all evil, Annihilation, you are compensated handsomely. Not only have you eradicated the evil that surrounded the world, but also you will receive the following rewards:

  • Lumenite Crystal x6
  • Scrap
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Forgotten Memory x1
  • Broken Compass

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