How To Make Nimue Sleep In Remnant 2

Nimue, the goddess of Fae in Remnant 2 is usually awake but you need her to be sleeping if you want Nimue's Dream and we can help you with that.

Nimue is known as the goddess of the Fae in Remnant 2. She can be found within the Fae Palace, through one of the magic quill doors which leads you to Nimue’s Retreat. Typically, Nimue is awake and ready to greet you as you approach her. However, there is a benefit and need to make her sleep for some unique items.

If you want to get your hands on the Crescent Moon bow in Remnant 2, you need Nimue to be sleeping. So how to make Nimue sleep in Remnant 2? Allow us to help you out.

How to make Nimue sleep in Remnant 2

It is not controllable to make Nimue sleep in Remnant 2, because Sleeping Nimue is an event that is based on completely randomness. No one can predict at what time, she will fall asleep nor does any item exists in Remnant 2 which can be helpful to make her sleep.

The only way exits to find out whether she is sleeping or not, is visiting this event again and again. You can travel to any other location and come back to see if she falls asleep. You need to repeat this activity of teleporting to Nimue’s Retreat to check and then go back to any other location until you find her sleeping.

There is also a high chance of her already sleeping if you go to Nimue’s Retreat after defeating The Nightweaver in Tormented Asylum. This unfortunately requires you to have Morrow Parish as your starting area instead of Ironborough. So you will need to head to Adventure Mode and try your luck there.

Once you encounter Nimue sleeping, you can now finally get your hands on the Crescent Moon long gun. But that first requires you to have the Dreamcatcher melee weapon.


How to get Dreamcatcher

To acquire Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2, you have to reach the location of Asylum in Morrow. You need to collect three carved dolls each doll can be found on every floor. Collect all these dolls from every floor and go to the basement of this place where you will observe a cell and see the Head Doctor, present all of the collected dolls to her.

On the third floor nearby the gallery, you will find a key that you also need to keep with you, this key can be used to open the cell. Once it’s open, you will get Nightweaver Stone Doll.

Next, you will need to fight with Magister Dullain, who needs to slay down and acquire the Soulkey Tribute, this soul key will unlock the Tormented Asylum dimension when put in the Nightwear web and present the Nightwear stone doll to Nightwear Web and you will obtain Dreamcatcher.

How to get Nimue’s Dream in Remnant 2

Once you are successful in finding her sleeping, you need to take out Dreamcatcher and hit it on her bracelet. This activity of yours will result in the existence of Nimue’s dream item.

This item Nimue’s dream gives you the accessibility to teleport to Retreat’s Horizon, it is the location where you will get a material which is Anamy’s Echo. Anamy’s Echo is one of the materials which is used to craft a Crescent Moon bow when you make your to Ava McCabe In Ward 13. This bow is considered the best and most powerful weapon in Remnant 2.

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