How To Get Crescent Moon In Remnant 2

New equipment in Remnant 2 like the Crescent Moon bow is acquired very differently from other looter shooters. Instead of...

New equipment in Remnant 2 like the Crescent Moon bow is acquired very differently from other looter shooters. Instead of random enemies dropping weapons, you get certain items from bosses or by completing tasks. These items can then be used to craft specific weapons. If you fancy yourself an archer and are bored of the Royal Hunting Bow in Remnant 2, we are here to help you get the Crescent Moon bow which looks even better.

How to get the Crescent Moon bow in Remnant 2

Crescent Moon falls under the long gun category, so it uses the red ammo that enemies drop. Being a bow, it has a slower fire rate but the incredibly high amount of damage makes up for that.

Before you can get the items needed to craft Crescent Moon, there are some other prerequisites that must be met and items that you need to possess.

Two things need to be done to acquire Crescent Moon Bow, the first is to catch Nimue’s Dream and another to look for Anamy’s Echo. As the action suggests, you need the Dreamcatcher melee weapon before you can catch Nimue’s dream.

How to get Dreamcatcher

In order to obtain Dreamcatcher, you need to get to Morrow Parish Asylum in Losomn and then switch over to Tormented Asylum. In case your world has Ironborough, you need to reroll in Adventure Mode in hopes of getting Morrow Parish as your starting zone.

Once you reach there, go inside and go to the first floor where you will get one Stone-carved Doll, then the other doll from the second floor, and the last doll is on the third floor.


After collecting each doll from every floor, you have to go to the bottom cell of the basement where you will find the Head Doctor, and give all three dolls to her.

Next, the cell needs a key so it can be opened and you can obtain Nightweaver Stone Doll. The cell key is on a balcony on the third floor of the asylum. Return to the cell, open it, and collect the Nightweaver Stone Doll.

Now, you will confront the boss, Magister Dullain. Once the boss is defeated, you will find the Nightweaver feeding on a body. Approach it and it will run away but drop the Soulkey Tribute on the ground.

To unlock the Tormented Asylum area, this Soulkey Tribute needs to be inserted into the Nightweaver Web in the asylum basement. Once within Tormented Asylum, look for a similar cobweb and place the Soulkey Tribute in there. Doing so will reward you with the Dreamcatcher melee weapon.

Where to find Anamy’s Echo in Remnant 2

As you have collected Dreamcatcher from the Nightweaver Web, make your way to Nimue’s Retreat in the Fae Palace area of Losomn. You have to visit there when Nimue is sleeping, so if you do not find her sleeping, you need to make several visits to this location to find her in a sleeping state.

Sleeping Nimue is a completely random event that can happen anytime, so you have to keep trying until you find her in sleep.

Once you find her asleep, you need to hit her with the Dreamcatcher on her wrist, and this act of yours will give you Nimue’s Dream consumable. Use it and you will be teleported to a new area called Retreat’s Horizon.

Walk in this area till you see a shiny glow, and grab the item which turns out to be Anamy’s Echo. This Anamy’s Echo is what is needed to craft Crescent Moon

Crafting Crescent Moon bow in Remnant 2

After acquiring Anamy’s Echo in Remnant 2, you need to make your way to McCabe in Ward 13 and here you can craft the Crescent Moon bow with the required resources which are Anamy’s Echo, Lumenite Crystal x7, and Scrap x1000.

The bow comes with the Moonlight Barrage weapon mod. The mod buffs up the arrows so enemy hit with it release an essence that refunds 1 arrow, heals the player for 5% HP and buffs fire rate.

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