How To Get The Lodestone Crown In Remnant 2

Finding the Lodestone Crown is also how you get your hands on the Lodestone Ring as well as the Ring of Diversion in Remnant 2.

The Lodestone Crown is a secret head armor piece that you can find while exploring the Lament dungeon in Remnant 2. This dungeon in particular is full of secret passageways and hidden pathways.

Finding the Lodestone Crown is also how you get your hands on the Lodestone Ring as well as the Ring of Diversion. They all are obtained through the same method.

Do note that the Lodestone Crown is not part of any armor set, but holds historical significance in the lore of the game. It gives you excellent resistance against Blight damage.

If you are looking to boost your resistances or just interested in solving all of the secrets of the Lament dungeon, here is how you can get the Lodestone Crown and Ring in Remnant 2.

The Lodestone Crown location in Remnant 2

The Lodestone Crown can be found inside the Lament dungeon of Yaesha in Remnant 2. Getting to the head armor piece, however, is easier said than done. You have to solve a puzzle and then discover a hidden room behind an invisible wall.

Before even starting your journey to get the Lodestone Crown, you need to kill a mini-boss named Wither after solving the Consort’s Puzzle, also known as the Lament dial puzzle. This is going to give you the Kolket’s Razor which is needed to unlock a door later on.


Wither is not a guaranteed spawn. If you cannot find this aberration, you must re-roll the game through the Adventure mode and go back inside the Lament for another attempt.

When you are ready, make your way to the floating platforms by taking the right, downward passage at the entrance of the Lament maze. This is going to be right after the room with the arrow trap.

The floating pillars are another puzzle you find in the Lament dungeon. You have to make your way to the other side by solving this Lament bridge puzzle.

Once done, loot the chest and open the door using the Kolket’s Razor. Note that you will have to inspect the Kolket’s Razor in your inventory and rotate it from its base to transform it into the Kolket’s Key. This is going to unlock the door for you.

Head on inside and you will reach a tomb of sorts. You will find the Ring of Diversion here. To the left of the entrance is an invisible wall. Go through it to reach the top and then drop onto the hanging boat to loot the Lodestone Crown in Remnant 2.

Lodestone Crown stats and bonuses

The Lodestone Crown is a lightweight helmet that provides low levels of Resistance against enemy attacks on your head. Its work is spectacular against protection from Blight but falls short against blood and shock resistance. This means that you will have to be extra cautious while dealing with enemies in situations that involve blood and shock effects.

How to use the Lodestone Crown in Remnant 2

Head back to the Forbidden Grove and speak with Bedel of the Vaunnt while wearing the Lodestone Crown in Remnant 2. Make sure that you have enabled the “Show Helmet” option from the gameplay settings.

Exhaust all of the dialogues and you will get the Lodestone Ring. It provides an increase of 5% in damage dealt to all enemies illuminated.

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