How To Solve The Lament Dial Puzzle In Remnant 2

If you have come across the Dial puzzle inside the Lament dungeon of Remnant 2, worry not. It is an easy puzzle to solve.

If you have ever encountered the Lament Dungeon in Remnant 2, it has probably left you scratching your head, trying to figure out a way through. This is because the Lament offers more of a puzzle-solving experience instead of the usual aspect of fighting.

Since puzzle solving is the major portion of the Lament, it won’t be very easy. The first area that you come into in this dungeon is filled with traps, shooting deadly arrows at you as you try to cross.

However, the real challenge is the next puzzle, often referred to as the Lament Dial Puzzle or the Lament Tomb Puzzle. If you’re stuck here and can’t find a way through it, then let us help you solve this puzzle in Remnant 2.

The Lament Dial puzzle solution in Remnant 2

Although the Lament Dial Puzzle in Remnant 2 might seem unsolvable at first, it’s actually quite easy once you begin to understand what needs to be done. To get a general idea, head into the opening below covered with white crystals.

At the end of the opening, you will find a book lying on the ground. You must interact with this book to see what it says. The symbol on the left page is what we really need – you can ignore the text on the right page.

You need to remember this symbol, as it will be needed to identify the corpses of importance in the next step. Once that’s done, you can jump into the main puzzle.


Look for the corpses with the symbol

Head back into the previous tomb area laid with corpses. Some of the corpses will be covered with a specific cloth with a symbol on it. You have to pick out the ones that match the symbol in the book.

Next, just up on the wall behind these corpses will be another symbol. All you have to do is remember what the symbol looks like and proceed to the next one.

If not, you can directly put this symbol into the dial (next step) and then proceed to the next symbol.

Remember to pick out each corpse with the cloth corresponding to the book’s symbol – there must be four in total. Otherwise, you won’t have a full solution to the puzzle.

Enter the symbols into the dial

When all of the symbols on the wall are accounted for, head over to the dial on the upper floor and insert the symbols into the dial. Remember that you don’t have to follow any particular order to do so, as long as you only use the four specific symbols.

Rotate the dial until each new symbol is placed at the top end of it and proceed to the next part, followed by the next symbol, and so on.

Once all four symbols are placed on the top portion of the dial, the door ahead of you will open and the puzzle will be considered complete.

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