Remnant 2 Wither Boss Guide

Wither is an aberration of the Root Slashers that you encounter in Remnant 2. He's locked behind a little puzzle that you need to solve first.

The Wither is an optional boss hailing from the class of Aberrations in Remnant 2. The boss might seem familiar to those who have fought Root Slashers in the game, as this is the mutated version of the same species.

You need to understand how this boss differs and what kind of attacks it can perform during combat. So before getting to the fighting, it is also essential to pinpoint the location of Wither in Remnant 2.

Where to find Wither in Remnant 2

You can only encounter Wither by completing the Consort’s Puzzle in Remnant 2. This puzzle will ask you to collect a few things and choose the correct sequence to unlock the rewards.

The puzzle takes place in the area of the Lament, and the boss will appear as soon as you complete looting the coffins before the door.

How to defeat Wither in Remnant 2

Wither will appear from the top of the chest wall as a flying parasite, and it will generate a body if you are not able to burst it down in Remnant 2. After generating the body, the enemy will leap toward your location to engage in close melee combat.

You can get away from the attacks by dodging twice, but you need to perfect your timing. The enemy will wait before unleashing the second strike, so wait before making the dodge.


Focus your attacks on its chest and take it down when it dislodges so the boss cannot regenerate into a body. You can also make use of rolls to evade incoming damage.

Spam your attacks on the chest of the boss to end the battle quickly in your favor and receive the rewards in Remnant 2.

Rewards for defeating Wither

You will be rewarded with Kolket’s Razor and Overdrive mutator upon defeating Wither in Remnant 2. The Kolket’s Razor is crucial as it helps you progress in certain quests and the game’s main story.

Overdrive is considered one of the best mutators for melee weapons, as you get a particular boost in your critical strike damage due to this mutator. So go ahead and take down this boss to receive these healthy rewards.

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