How To Get Secret Rune Pistol In Remnant 2

Secret Rune Pistol stands out as being the hardest to acquire in Remnant 2 but it has remarkable ability to deal double damage.

In Remnant 2, you will find a lot of weapons, each with specs tailored to specific players, such as the Secret Rune Pistol. Many weapons can be found or crafted. There is a varying difficulty in the finding or crafting process, but the Rune Pistol stands out as the hardest to acquire.

Due to its small caliper ammo, it is classified as a small handgun. It fires in a burst of three shots and has one of the best accuracy of any weapon at medium range. Rune Pistol in Remnant 2 can deal double damage to enemies compared to the normal weapon. But for that, you need to hit them on their weak spots.

The Rune Pistol is a difficult-to-acquire weapon because the steps involved are long and tedious, with no sure chance of being there. Nonetheless, the effort is worth it for this weapon though.

How to get Decrepit Rune in Remnant 2

Before you start looking for the Rune Pistol, though, you must convert to the Adventure mode for the Losomn area with the difficulty you choose.

The only thing you need to craft a Secret Rune pistol is the Decrepit Rune. You cannot find Decrepit Rune in the open world of the game. The only way to get it is by exchanging Ravenous Medallion for it. To get Ravenous Medallion, you must go to the Great Hall.

Get to the Great Hall

When starting Adventure mode, firstly look for the starting point. Anything other than the Morrow Parish will not take you to the Ravenous Medallion, and you will need to reroll. Now you can continue if you have found Morrow Parish, but to ensure you reach the Great Hall from the Forsaken Quarter, look for the Cotton’s Kiln dungeon.


This should be the first one you find as you enter Morrow Parish in Remnant 2. After you go to the Forsaken Quarter, look for a magical double door on the wall. There will be two of them. One will take you to the Great Hall, While the other progresses the story.

The Great Hall magic door will have no exclamation mark, but the other one will. If you didn’t find the magical door without the exclamation mark on the wall, you would need to rerun the entire area for Remnant 2 Secret Rune Pistol.

Enter the Kitchen

When you have found the magical doors and reached the Great Hall, go through it until you get to the kitchen. The kitchen will be up the stairs and after crossing a narrow corridor. As soon as you enter the kitchen, take a left. And continue until you find the Ravenous Medallion in Remnant 2.

Now that you have the Medallion for Secret Rune Pistol, the next is to get the Soulkey Tribute in Remnant 2. You can find it as you progress and arrive at the Shattered Gallery. This tribute will be open to unlock the Tormented Asylum.

Open the portal to Tormented Asylum

Now to get to the Tormented Asylum, you will need to go to the basement of Morrow Parish. You must find a web on the wall with a glowing blue core in the center. Interact with it to open the portal to the Tormented Asylum.

In the Asylum, take a left and enter the room with a web of strings hanging from the wall. Give the Ravenous Medallion to it, which will give you the Decrepit Rune in return for Secret Rune Pistol.

How to craft the Secret Rune Pistol in Remnant 2

After finding all the materials for Secret Rune Pistol, you must go to the Nimue Retreal to craft it. When you reach the fast travel point of Nimue Retreat, head down the stairs in the back.

Move along until you find Nimue, which will be a large woman. Talk to her, and in the menu, choose the Rune Pistol. The materials needed to make the Secret Rune Pistol is the Decrepit Rune only. Give it to her and collect the Rune Pistol.

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